Age: 50

Treatment(s): Tattoo Removal

By having the tattoo removed, I now feel confident to go out in public, wear whatever I like and even go to the beach and enjoy the sunshine!

What made you decide to have your Tattoo removed?

I was working within the tattooing industry at the time and it was a little bit unusual for a tattooist not to have any tattoo’s, so I decided to have something done. I wanted a tattoo which would portray the way I felt but sadly as soon as it was on me, I hated it and wanted it to come off. When I left the tattooing industry, I went on to work as a physiotherapist which meant that I was spending a lot of time in the pool and obviously, as the tattoo was a large back piece, I couldn’t cover it up. The young people I was working with would constantly ask me questions about it and I often felt that people were speaking to the tattoo, rather than to me. It quickly began to dent my confidence.

What made you choose rtwskin?

It took me a while to find a clinic which I felt confident in and could trust to remove the tattoo, but rtwskin has been brilliant from the beginning. When I first enquired, I spoke with John the owner, and he invited me in for a consultation. We both agreed that it would be a rather ambitious task due to it being a whole back piece however, John was confident and gave me nothing but reassurance and that’s why I chose them.

How was your experience of the treatment?

It is a tough procedure to go through. You have to make sure you mentally prepare yourself for the treatments as it’s not just about the procedure, it’s also about caring for it afterwards and making sure your skin stays in tip-top condition. Your skin does take a bit of a battering during the treatment, so you have to make sure that you have all sorts of products to apply over the following days to keep it moisturized, clean and well looked after.

Because there was a lot of colour within the tattoo, we did it in stages over about eighteen treatment sessions. At the time, John was taking tattoo removal to new levels so, in some ways, we both helped each other as he had never treated such a challenging tattoo before.

Now the tattoo has been completely removed, what difference has it made for you?

The difference it’s made for me is my confidence. My confidence is so much better and so much higher. I didn’t actually realise how much having the tattoo had dented my confidence until it was gone. It’s nice to go out and wear dresses without having people stare and look at me. By having the tattoo removed, I now feel confident to go out in public, wear whatever I like and even go to the beach and enjoy the sunshine!

What would you advise other people who are considering having a tattoo removed?

It does get worse before it gets better, so you have to be quite clear in your mind what is going to be happening during the removal process. It does take a lot of dedication from the patients’ side too. However, as I say, with the advice and the confidence you are given at rtwskin, that will massively help you through the process of having your tattoo removed.

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Sacha first came to our clinic in 2014 to remove a full back tattoo which had really dented her confidence. It has now been three years since her last treatment and we welcome her back to rtwskin, so she can share her incredible journey with us…