Danny’s Story

Age: 31

Treatment(s): PRP Injections for hair loss

The staff were fantastic and all so lovely. The Practitioners were great, and John and Nina are just wonderful people.

Why did you choose to have PRP treatment?

I first heard of PRP by browsing the rtwskin website and researching it on YouTube and Google. I wanted to find the perfect treatment to stop my hair loss.  I wanted to feel better about myself, so I thought I’d try it out just to see what it was like.  The results have been truly amazing.

Are you happy with the results?

You can see my photos, you can see the differences.  It’s just incredible.  You can see where the bald patch is and suddenly you can see where a full-grown head of hair is.

How did you find your Procedure?

It’s fairly quick and painless, the pain feels like short pinpricks.  What they do is take a sample of your blood and inject it into your scalp with the Platelet Rich Plasma.

Why did you choose rtwskin?

I chose rtwskin as I had a great experience here a couple of years ago. I had a birthmark on my back which I decided to get removed and that took a couple of treatments.  I then researched the other treatments they offer and saw PRP and that’s what lead to me re visiting.  The staff were fantastic and all so lovely.  The Practitioners were great, and John and Nina are just wonderful people.  I didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed when discussing my concerns.  If you are worried, they are there to help you.  They are not there to make you feel alone.  Now, I feel better about myself and I look at the photos of the results and think “wow, this is a different person”.

Would you recommend this treatment?

I would recommend it, if you are concerned with Hair loss and you want to try it, I’d say give it a go.  I honestly have not regretted it as it really has worked.  I have found that my hair loss has reduced, and my hair is much thicker.  PRP treatment is a must!

Before & After Photos

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Danny came to us in July with concerns of Hair loss, it was recommended that he have a course of 3 PRP treatments and he is absolutely thrilled with the results. His hair is looking fuller and thicker which has given him a new-found confidence.