Melissa’s Story

Age: 50

Treatment(s): Profhilo

My skin looks and feels plumper, tighter and gloriously hydrated. People keep commenting ‘What are you using on your skin? You look radiant!’

Why did you choose Profhilo?

I chose Profhilo for my treatment because I wanted a natural product. When you get a little bit older and you have treatments such as Botox or Fillers, it can sometimes be really obvious but with Profhilo it wasn’t obvious at all. It just made my skin look really naturally hydrated and just really well! I really liked the effect of it.

What were you looking to improve from your treatment?

I was looking to improve my skin with Profhilo by giving it just a little boost. I wanted something to make my skin glow and look really natural.

How was the consultation process?

Aksana was very thorough in the consultation. We discussed what could realistically be achieved and what wouldn’t be achieved. She was really professional and explained the after effects and after care, what to expect from the treatment and when the results would truly show.

How was the treatment?

The treatment process was really painless. It was quick, it was done by a cannula which meant I didn’t experience any bruising. It was a really good experience.

Did you experience any downtime?

The downtime, I would honestly say was about five hours. Following the treatment, your skin is a little bit red but also you have tiny little bumps where the product is sitting before it spreads and settles into your skin. The next day my skin had settled and it looked great but the actual benefits of Profhilo didn’t truly show until after about a week when my skin just looked amazing. This was just in time for an event that I was attending which was really pleasing. I’m so happy with the results.

Why did you choose rtwskin?

I chose rtwskin because I know that they are a professional team, they are CQC Registered which shows they’ve been inspected by the Care Quality Commission. It is also very reassuring that they will not do a treatment if they know it won’t benefit the client.

Would you choose Profhilo again?

I would choose Profhilo definitely again and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It’s a great product, it’s really natural and the results are excellent.

Before & After Photos

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Melissa has been coming to us for a number of years now and has never been so happy with a treatment result as she was with her recent Profhilo procedures. Her skin is plumper, brighter and fine lines and wrinkles have been beautifully minimised.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Profhilo is the only product known to stimulate the growth of all four kinds of collagen and elastin, smooth out wrinkles and visibly tighten the skin. Rather than simply just treating the wrinkles which already exist, Profhilo encourages the growth of elastin to prevent the formation of new wrinkles – effectively remodelling the skin from the inside out.