Daniela’s Story

Age: 51

Treatment(s): Smear Test

Going privately, you get a personal service. You truly feel that the Nurse looking after you has your best interests at heart.

How did you find your consultation at rtwskin?

I found the Consultation very informative, Letitia first offered me a cup of tea and made me feel relaxed.  She gave me the option to have the procedure first or go through other aspects of my wellbeing before having the procedure. I decided to discuss my wellbeing first.  Letitia proceeded to ask me questions to get a better understanding of my diet and how much I drink; profiling me.  She went on to give me advice on symptoms of the menopause, how to treat it, breast screening, and finally, she took my blood pressure.

Did you know what symptoms to expect with the Menopause?

I didn’t know what to expect with the Menopause.  So, everything Letitia told me was very useful.  Also, she gave me advice on certain things that could aggravate it, such as red wine and coffee.

Was the information provided helpful?

With regards to breast screening, I have not been shown how to do it before, and I have never really known If I was doing it correctly or not.  Letitia showed me how to do that, so it was a bit of a learning curve, and something that I could take home and make a part of my weekly routine.

How did you find your Procedure?

During the procedure, there was no discomfort at all when I look back to when I had it before it was very, very uncomfortable, which is why I have been putting it off for so long.

Why did you put off having your smear test?

I put off my smear test because I don’t particularly like having it done, which is a bit irresponsible of me.  There was an occasion that I had booked an appointment with my doctor; it was the first time I have been for a Smear Test.  I got to the surgery about 2 minutes late, and receptionist turned me away because I was too late.

Why did you choose rtwskin for your smear test?

Going privately, you get a personal service.  You truly feel that the Nurse looking after you has your best interests at heart, and it is somebody that you can trust.  In future, if I need to go to the Doctors, I would go privately.

Watch My Patient Story

Daniella came to rtwskin in July wanting to get a better understanding of the changes her body was going through with the Menopause.  Like many of us, Daniella had put off having Cervical screening, but with the changes she was experiencing due to the Menopause, she felt it was worth checking the health of her cervix more regularly.