Why we treat scarring and hyperpigmentation when we have cleared your acne spots

acne holistic approach

By Dr Fatima Ahmed

If you suffer from acne, you’ll know that it can knock your confidence.  It can also have long-term effects, potentially causing scarring and hyperpigmentation.  But you don’t have to suffer in silence; our holistic approach to treating acne can help improve both spots and any additional complications


Most people think of acne as spots and blackheads, but it is more than that.  The spots are, of course, a major part of it, but the complications they can cause – scarring and hyperpigmentation – can have just as big an impact on how you feel about yourself. Potentially, they can be an even bigger problem as they are permanent; you may be fortunate only to suffer from intense outbreaks of spots for a couple of years, but you can be left with a permanent reminder.

That’s why we take a holistic approach to treating acne.  We don’t just aim to clear up your spots; we also want to assess any scarring and hyperpigmentation and devise a bespoke treatment plan that will leave you with the best possible skin for the rest of your life.



Tackling your spots first

Our starting point is the spots; we have to clear those up first before we can assess what long-term damage if any, they have done to your skin.  We use a range of treatments, often in combination, to remove the excess oil production to calm your skin down, including topical medications, a wonderful cleanser, chemical peels, targeted facials, laser procedures and LED treatments.acne holistic approach

We always start with the least invasive technique and assess how your skin responds before progressing to anything more aggressive.


Dealing with other complications

When we have brought your spots under control and educated you to manage the condition yourself, we can then see if there is significant scarring or hyperpigmentation to merit treatment. Again, we have a range of procedures to improve everything from mild complications through to the most severe.  These include chemical peels, derma rolling, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, CO2 laser fractional resurfacing and subcision for very deep scars.  Our aim when dealing with scarring and hyperpigmentation is to cause controlled trauma to promote the skin’s healing processes, which naturally increases the production of elastin and collagen to improve the appearance of the skin.



By considering and treating all the side effects of your acne, we can create the optimal improvement in your skin, so you look – and feel – your best

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Dr. Fatima Ahmed


Meet the expert

Dr Fatima Ahmed is a speciality doctor in dermatology and aesthetics, with special interests in acne, mole and skin lesion diagnosis.  With medical qualifications from Pakistan, Canada, the UK and USA, she achieved academic distinction at Cardiff University and received the Chancellor International Scholarship award at the University of Hertfordshire.  She has worked in South Asia, the Middle East and the UK