The do’s and don’ts of cleansing

The do’s and don’ts of cleansing

By Emily Ruse,  Deputy Registered Manager

We’re all quick to invest in expensive night creams and serums but our complexion doesn’t stand a chance if our twice-daily cleanse isn’t properly removing, make-up and pollution residue, or worse, is damaging our skin barrier function.


Do: Get the temperature right. Make sure you always use warm water, never hot or cold. Hot water has the potential to upset the skin barrier function by inflaming and irritating skin. Coldwater, however, doesn’t have the softening effects that warm water does, which is needed to melt make-up residue.

Do: Choose your cleanser carefully. Whether you have sensitive, oily or dehydrated skin, your cleanser should be the first step in your routine to target your concerns. Knowing the difference between a gel or cream cleanser is important. Cream cleansers are known for being gentler on the skin as they don’t foam. They tend to be formulated with rich ingredients that moisturise skin, so are great for those with sensitive or dehydrated skin. Gel cleansers typically provide a much deeper cleanse as they can be formulated to include acids which can effectively cut through pollution, oil and make-up. These cleansers usually foam which can be drying on the skin but works perfectly to reduce excess oil production.

Do: Double cleanse If you wear a full face of make-up every day, work in a polluted area or have oily/combination skin, this is especially important and should be an essential part of your evening routine. The first cleanse removes make-up, pollutants and dirt from the day. The second cleanse removes dead skin cells, meaning the products you apply afterwards can work all the more effectively.

Don’t: Fear acid cleansers Using a cleanser which contains Salicylic Acid, will not only address the need for daily exfoliation but will also encourage cell turnover and prevent excess oil production, revealing a brighter complexion. Incorporating an acid toner into your cleansing regime is also a great way to see these skin-brightening benefits.

Don’t: Rush So many people rush with their skincare routine at the end of a busy day, but this should be a time we slow down and relax. Once applied, spend at least a couple of minutes massaging and working your cleanser into your skin. Not only will this ensure every last bit of make-up has been removed, but the movements of your fingers across the skin will help with lymphatic drainage to de-puff your face and improve circulation.

To achieve beautifully healthy skin, choosing the right product is key.  At rtwskin we use prescription-strength products by ZO Skin Health and Obagi Medical which have been created by leading Dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi.  Our highly trained Skincare specialists offer Complimentary Consultations to thoroughly assess your skin, discuss your concerns and create a treatment plan for you.