Teeth Whitening Treatment in Tunbridge Wells

rtwskin’s professional dentist chose the Philips® Zoom teeth-whitening system for its incredibly fast, effective and long-lasting results.

rtwskin is delighted to now be offering Teeth Whitening in Tunbridge Wells. Perfect if you have a special occasion or holiday coming up, or want to look your best, our specialist teeth whitening service can brighten your smile by up to 7 shades with little to no sensitivity in just 60 minutes!

With Philips Zoom! In-clinic and At-Home teeth whitening, our fully qualified Dentist, Dr. Michael, can help you achieve the pearly white smile you have always dreamed of. We are taking bookings for consultations and treatments; please get in touch with our friendly front-of-house team on 01892 222222 or support@rtwskin.co.uk to book.


Why choose Philips Zoom! In-clinic and At-Home whitening?

When you choose in-clinic teeth whitening, our Dentist can offer more potent whitening ingredients to complete your treatment safely. The result? Instantly brighter teeth, with little to no sensitivity. We can also offer At-Home kits for you to continue your treatment yourself under the guidance of Dr Michael. Impressions are taken of your mouth, which are sent off to our lab, where bespoke trays are made for you to use at home alongside Philips Zoom! Teeth whitening gel. The trays will last a lifetime with proper care, meaning you can continue your At-Home Teeth Whitening with regular check-ups in the clinic, where you can buy more gel as needed and as directed by Dr Michael.


Is there anything I need to avoid following my Teeth Whitening session?

We ask that you avoid any foods or drinks that could stain your teeth for 2 hours immediately following treatment. These include coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, cola, dark-coloured condiments such as ketchup or soy sauce, curries, chocolate, and dark fruits such as berries. We also recommend that you avoid wearing dark lipstick and lip liner. Think of your new teeth as a white shirt and avoid anything that would stain them. We recommend following a diet of light or white-coloured foods such as clear drinks, white meat, and pale fruits and vegetables such as bananas or cauliflower, as well as avoiding any habits that may cause staining, such as smoking.


Do I need to have a dental consultation first?

Yes, you must consult with our Dentist to ensure you are suitable for the treatment. Dr Michael will continue to check your oral health throughout the duration of your treatment, whether you choose In-Clinic Whitening, At-Home or a combination of both.


Is teeth whitening safe?

The safest way to whiten teeth is by using gel prescribed by a dental professional.

Whitening products you can buy over the counter only contain 0.1% hydrogen peroxide and minimal active ingredients to whiten your teeth.

Some products don’t contain any whitening ingredients and contain harmful ingredients such as lemon juice, citric acid, and bicarbonate soda to dissolve stains, damaging teeth in the long term.


Is teeth whitening harmful?

Professional products contain safe levels of hydrogen peroxide, which are more effective, gentle on enamel, and custom-made.


How does teeth whitening work?

The tooth absorbs the hydrogen peroxide and breaks down the colour molecule to turn the tooth white from the inside and remove the stains from the outside.


Will teeth whitening hurt?  

Some sensitivity is normal; however, this can be reduced dramatically with the addition of desensitizing agents.


How long will my teeth whitening results last?

Philips Zoom! Whitening treatments are formulated to give long-lasting results, but the results will vary depending on the type of whitening you opt for. Lifestyle choices like drinking drinks that stain teeth will make them yellow again over time. We recommend practising good oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing after each meal and having regular appointments with your dental hygienist.