Summer Skincare tips by rtwskin

Summer Skincare tips by rtwskin

When thinking of a summer skincare regime, we tend to focus on high SPF, but as a client of ours, you certainly know that sunscreen should be your all-seasons-best-friend. But, there is much more to consider… Our list of summer essentials will help to take care of your skin in hot weather.

As rtwskin’s mantra goes: ‘wear SPF’ as simple as that, protection is the most important thing you can do to decrease the chances of sun damage and to slow down wrinkle formation.


Another must-have product to go for the summer season is a moisturiser, lightweight cream or hydrating serum containing ingredients that are known to help to boost hydration within your skin. you should be looking for ones that have Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, Lactic Acid, Ceramide, Squalane and Petrolatum. Bear in mind that you always should consider your skin complexion when choosing any skincare products, no matter what the season is. Your skin type shall always come first when choosing any cosmetics as things can easily go wrong especially for those with hyper-sensitive or acne-prone complexions. Oily skin would not like Petrolatum as it can clog your skin, however those suffering from very dry skin will love this film creating ingredient as it traps moisture within the complexion. The most versatile and helpful ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid known from its fine lines reducing and moisture-retaining properties. This naturally occurring substance can be found in our skin tissue and its production slows down as we age. The most effective skincare products containing HA are serums, you shall be looking for ones that have HA listed in the top positions on their ingredient list meaning that it is one of the main elements of these products.


One of our favourite additions especially on those hot summer days are mists and floral waters. These amazing sprays can be used on the makeup to add a little hydration, soothe your skin and can even help to settle the mineral powder. We love the cooling down feeling these little wonders provide without ruining your makeup.

Floral waters are also known as hydrolats and can be a great addition to your cleansing routine as these can help to balance your pH just like toners.

The most known floral water is Rosa Damascena hydrolat that stimulates skin regeneration, soothes irritated skin and boosts hydration. It has a marvellous summer floral scent – a perfect good mood enhancer!

Lighten up.

Hot summer months can be really daunting when it comes to makeup. Heat is not a best friend of any foundation, however, to help to avoid congestion you can lighten it up by swapping foundation to BB cream ideally with an SPF or to mineral powder.

There is a wide range of tinted sunscreens which can also be great foundation replacements, plus these are SPF’s just what we love! Do not forget about your lips as these also need additional hydration during this season. You can even use your SPF on the lips to avoid dryness.

Hydrate from the inside out.

The last and most important summer tip is drinking water. Did you know that during hot weather you should drink half-litre more water than on other days? For those spending time actively, it is even more… Hydration is crucial for keeping good health not only for your skin but for the whole body. Some people see improvement in their skin condition when increasing daily water intake. It does not cost the Earth so why not try giving it a go? If you have trouble with implementing a water drinking habit, there are some helpful apps out there such as Water Tracker, Drink Water or Water Balance Tracker.

At rtwskin we believe that prevention is key and by following our summer skincare guide you will be able to avoid dehydration, sunburn, sun damage and congestion of your skin. You will be amazed at how much healthier and brighter your skin will look.