Dr. Nina Sheffield, MD, BscCQC Responsible Individual, Medical Laser & Cosmetic Injection Specialist

Dr. Nina Sheffield
  • Director rtwskin – CQC Responsible Person
  • Medical Laser & Cosmetic Injection Specialist – 12 years’ experience
  • Joint founder of Med-Spa trading as rtwskin (2005) & GP Clinics Ltd.

A bit about Nina

Nina grew up in the Ukraine as the only child of two Ear, Nose and Throat specialist surgeons, Prof. Mihail Ovsyannikov and Dr. Lidiya Kovalenko.

As the next generation of medical professionals in the family, Nina qualified and registered as a GP in Belarus and later when she moved to Ukraine became a Specialist in Otolaryngology. She was a Consultant Otolaryngologist for the Ukrainian Health Authority in Odessa for 11 years and the Ukrainian Army.

Nina always had a keen interest in aesthetics, stimulated by her father’s patients who would often ask him to perform plastic surgery to improve their appearance or fix something they were unhappy with. When she also started this work, she found immense satisfaction in being able to give people the chance not only to look good and feel more confident but to improve their lives and prospects.

Non-surgical aesthetic procedures are the key to many, to prolong a youthful appearance and to extend the feeling of youth. It’s no surprise therefore, that Nina wanted to fully investigate the new and blossoming industry that non-surgical aesthetics has become today.

The opportunity came in the early 2000’s to travel to many places in Europe and the USA to look at best practice there, and seek inspiration. Back in the UK, Nina undertook further training in all the latest techniques and in 2005 decided, with the support of her husband John, to open an Aesthetic Practice in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Over the last 12 years Nina has become a leading light in the industry, second to none in technical skills, know-how and expertise.  She insists it’s the personal, human touch together with these skills, that has made her so popular.

Nina had the opportunity to take the route into the NHS in ENT when she came to live in England but instead chose to specialise in Aesthetics. She is therefore registered with the CQC as the responsible person for the clinic but did not seek GMC registration as this would have required some years working in the NHS. Building our practice has been more than enough for one person.  rtwskin therefore, always has a prescriber available to see patients for their initial consultation.

Nina and John have two sons, currently at Medical University; both will qualify in 2019. Nina hopes they may join the practice but it will be up to them to make their decisions later.

Why I love what I do!

The best moment for me is when one of my patients says ‘Wow, I love it’.

For my personal satisfaction, it’s about waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror and liking myself because I’ve made someone happy and they feel better about themselves. This means a lot.

I try many of the treatments we are offering. This helps me to choose the most effective procedures and design unique treatment and after care plans as well as being more empathetic to my patients.

My favourite treatment is cheek enhancement, probably because the results are immediate and the patient leaves feeling wonderful. What I love in particular about re-volumising the mid-face is that it is a relatively affordable option, with little or no down-time. Results are long lasting and deliver a very natural looking outcome.

My ‘Whole Face Approach’ is not just about combining Muscle Relaxants, Dermal Fillers and Lasers. It is about refining lines, volumizing, lifting curves and contours, as well as using advanced lasers and skin products on the ageing, hollowed and craggy areas. This creates a smoother, fresher, natural appearance to the patients face.

I love the CO2 laser treatment because it’s as good as a face lift, without the scars, downtime or trauma of surgery. I can “buy more time” for my patients with state of the art cosmetic injectables and advanced Lasers than ever before! And I LOVE IT!

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