Aksana de CastroAesthetic Nurse, Medical Laser & Cosmetic Injection Specialist - Skin Councillor

  • Aesthetic Nurse 
  • Medical Laser & Cosmetic Injection Specialist – Skin Councillor – 10 years’ experience
  • Level 7 qualified in injectables for aesthetic medicine (OFQUAL)

A bit about Aksana

Aksana was born and educated in Belarus where she graduated from Orsha State Medical College.

Aksana worked as a staff and theatre nurse for 7 years in Belarus and Germany before coming to live in England, where she worked in a hospital for 5 years.

Aksana always had a keen interest in beauty and aesthetics and it was a chance meeting that brought her to rtwskin in the Summer of 2008; she has been with us ever since.

Aksana has a lovely nature and a warm manner.  She has impressive English language skills as well as being a highly skilled nurse and a great listener. These attributes, together with her personal interest in skin and beauty have made her into an almost perfect aesthetic nurse. These vital attributes make all the difference to our patients when a tiny blemish or imperfection on the face becomes enormously important when seen in the mirror every day.

Aksana has a huge patient following and she has some particularly favourite treatments including: mesotherapy, anti-ageing injections, facials, thread vein removal and laser treatments. The results of these give her great satisfaction and she is thrilled by the latest developments in the sector which she enjoys sharing with her many loyal clients.


Why I love what I do!

Skin and beauty absolutely fascinates me. At rtwskin, I’ve had all the training I could hope for or dream of. I even get to attend the “Master Classes” provided by Allergan,  the manufacturers of BOTOX and Juvederm.

When the treatments are carefully planned, with the full understanding and agreement of the patient they can and do work wonders”.

I know I must manage patient expectations carefully, never over estimating or exaggerating the outcome of any treatment”. “My mantra is, always under promise, then over deliver.

I love Baby Botox® and make sure to have it myself every 2 months. It’s a smart thing to do, because it not only smoothes out wrinkles, over time it acts as a preventative measure.

Mesotherapy is amazing. You’re getting all the benefits of vitamins straight into your skin and the results are wonderful.

Aesthetic treatments need to be carefully planned over time with regular consultations. After all it took years for your skin to get to where it is now. Those patients who take this approach benefit from youthful complexions, healthy skin and they hold off the ageing process for as long as possible.

I try many of the treatments myself and together with Dr Nina and the rest of the team we work to only offer treatments that are backed by science, safe and have been fully explored, tested and proven in our own clinic.

Patients can come and see me as often as they like, not always to have a procedure but to plan and discuss changes or things that they have heard of and may wonder if they would be beneficial for them. rtwskin has a “patient first policy” not found in many clinics.

My own skincare plan:

‘I am a big fan of the Mango Brite Peel – it is truly amazing how smooth the skin is afterwards! I suffer from pigmentation on my forehead, so last year I went through the Obagi Nu Derm system, it addressed my acne and scarring plus reduced my pigmentation and helped refine my ageing skin. My favourite product is the Clarifying Serum from Obagi – it gives an instant glow! I use this every morning, since using this product my complexion has completely changed, its clearer with less pigmentation!’



Patients must be aware that Aksana did not seek NMC registration when she came to the UK, instead deciding to specialise in aesthetics. She has had a long and intense training in nursing and medicine and she is supervised by GMC registered doctors. rtwskin clinic is CQC registered, fully insured and complies with all of the current (2016) GMC recommendations for cosmetic practitioners.

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