Medical Facials with ZO Skin Health by Zein Obagi

Facials with meaningful improvements

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To achieve beautiful healthy skin that is truly smoother and younger looking, make sure that facial product formulas are based on solid dermatological principles and  active topical ingredients. Here at rtwskin we are using a prescription-strength ZO Skincare range of products and treatment protocols developed by leading dermatologist Dr ZeinObagi. We offer a complete skincare range for retail and ZO medical facials.

Our treatments are relaxing yet some of them are prescriptive facials to specifically address a wide range of skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, sun damage,rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, in addition to rebuilding skin to its healthiest state.There is no down time with these treatments.

All our treatments take into account Prevention, Therapy, Daily Skincare and Maintenance.

Are the facials uncomfortable?

– Not at all facials are a relaxing and rejuvenating experience and we’re certain you’ll be super impressed with the results.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

– A course of of six sessions are recommended for optimum results but you”ll see beautiful improvements with only a single treatment.

How much do they cost?

– Take a look at our price list and you’ll get an idea of the price range. Our medical practitioners will always keep in mind your concerns and what you want to achieve. And don’t forget you can join our loyalty scheme and save money on regular treatments, so that’s a lovely bonus. And don’t worry, we will be open and honest about prices when we meet for a chat at the very first consultation, so that you can make your decision in your own time. And the consultation is free. So drop us an email or give us a call to come in for a chat.

Your skin will be treated to a thorough exfoliation which will enable it to absorb the effects of the products.  Herbal enzymes are key in this facial, they will stimulate healthy cell renewal while plumping your fine lines. To complement this facial, a dermal roller treatment can be offered which will ensure your skin cells are regenerated to another level.  Your Therapist will advise you

Suffer from acne, congestion or generally over oily skin? This facial will be perfect for your skin type.  The products used will combat oiliness, unblock your pores & destroy bacteria, preventing acne breakouts.  The sulphur mask will help to absorb the surface oil and calm inflammation. Skin will look brighter and clearer after just one treatment. A Stimulating Peel or LED Blue Light treatment can be incorporated into this facial if required to enhance the effect for an additional.  Your Therapist will advise you.

Citric, Lactic and Salicylic acids are the key ingredients in this facial which encourage a more radiant, even skin tone.  To give your skin the hydration it deserves and suppress the production of melanin, the brightening mask will deliver arbutin, green tea and retinol to your skin cells for a regenerating effect. A stimulating peel can be incorporated into this facial if required to enhance the effect.  Your Therapist will advise you

So many of us suffer from acne on the back.  The skin can be treated very effectively using the same products and technique for facial acne.  There’s no reason to neglect your back, just because it’s covered most of the time!

With a gentle exfoliation and the calming, hydrating and cooling qualities of the Balatone, your skin will be stronger and invigorated.  Balatone exfoliates and prepares the skin, maximising the penetration of other products used within the treatment.  Your skin will feel comfortable, healed and refreshed. LED Red Light can work in conjunction with this facial for a further healing effect if desired.  Your Therapist will advise you

This facial involves a relaxing cleanser, an exfoliating scrub and a refreshing 5-10 minute steam.  After this we use medical grade tools to do a thorough extraction.  We finish the facial with a relaxing facial mask to hydrate the skin and leave you looking brighter, plumper and fresher.

Looking for a comprehensive and non-invasive treatment for a healthier and younger looking glow to your skin? Look no further than our combination of Red LED therapy, cleansing, exfoliating and Vitamin C serum.

Combined for a 45-minute treatment, LED Photofacial is a perfect way to boost your Red or Blue LED therapy. For 30 minutes, your Red LED therapy will stimulate circulation, collagen production and help reduce inflammation to banish the signs of ageing. We then fortify these great effects with our exfoliator and cleansing system to help remove surface oils, impurities and dead skill cells to calm and soothe your skin. Lastly our Vit- C Serum, containing L-ascorbic acid, is applied. This acts as an anti-oxidant to neutralise free radicals and prevent skin damage on a cellular level to help slow down the process of ageing.