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Chemical Skin Peels in Tunbridge Wells, Kent & Sussex

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Want to add a little more zest to your appearance?

If you want your skin to have the plump young beauty of fresh fruit, then a chemical peel is just what the doctor orders! Your skin gets tired and set in its ways, and slathering on cream won’t make it any brighter. You need to stimulate skin renewal and exfoliation can help, but it’s professional use of a fruit-based Alpha Hydroxy Acids which can really peel back the years.

This state of the art skin treatment can treat not only ageing skin but acne. Chemical Peels can reduce the effects of sun damage, fine lines, dull skin tone, enlarged pores, acne scars and hyper pigmentation such as age spots leaving the skin appearing smoother, healthier, plumper and tighter. It’s important to choose the right one, as some work finely, at the cellular level, and others work more deeply to stimulate greater collagen renewal, but relax, lie back and enjoy because you can count on us to choose the right one to give you real results.

• How many chemical peels will I need?

-You’ll see beautiful results after just one peel and then, it’s up to you how often you’d like to repeat. The general condition of the skin and its regeneration is improved by each and every treatment. Your consultant will give you good advice.

 What skin conditions can be treated with Chemical Peels?

– Chemical peels are a useful part of most skincare regimes, and can even be used to give your skin a red carpet glow for a special occasion. The following conditions in particular can benefit from chemical peels:

Fine lines and wrinkles
Ageing skin
Sun damage
Active acne
Pigmentation problems (such as melasma or freckles)
Dry and dehydrated skin

• Do chemical peels hurt?

-Depending on the Chemical Peels you choose, the treatment can cause a temporary redness of the skin through to a couple of days of mild peeling. Most of our treatments are pain-free and as trained medical professionals we’re keen to minimise discomfort.

• How much will a chemical peel cost me?

-Take a look at our price list and you’ll get an idea of the range for treatments. Prices start from £65 and when you compare the results you get to how much you spend on face cream over the months, we think you’ll take a fresh look at skincare! Don’t forget you can join our loyalty scheme and save money on regular treatments, so that’s a lovely bonus. We will be open and honest about prices when we meet for a chat at the very first consultation, so that you can make your decision in your own time. And the consultation is free.

This peel has a very light exfoliation, and is very gentle on the skin.  It will leave the skin feeling smoother, brighter & more hydrated.  This peel is also very useful for helping people with uneven skin tones.

Primary Pumpkin Peel (medium strength) Exfoliate and deeply nourish skin while clearing pores and aiding detoxification. Skin is left feeling incredibly soft, smooth and clean with a renewed healthy glow. With little to no downtime, this peel is great to incorporate into any busy lifestyle! You will notice a brighter skin tone and texture from your first visit.

Power Pumpkin Peel (medium – high strength) is slightly more powerful than Primary Pumpkin PeelExfoliate and deeply nourish skin while clearing pores and aiding detoxification. Including natural fruit pulp this peel also helps with anti-ageing properties. Skin is left feeling incredibly soft, smooth and clean with a renewed healthy glow. With little to no downtime, this peel is great to incorporate into any busy lifestyle! You will notice a brighter skin tone and texture from your first visit.

This peel provides collagen stimulation so it is perfect for people who have light wrinkles and are starting to notice an uneven skin tone.  The Glycolic Acid also helps to improve dermal hydration.

Salicylic Acid is perfect for targeting acne as it absorbs oil within the skin.  It’s a derivative from aspirin which is why it is also very good at taking down any inflation within the skin.  If you suffer from active acne or blackheads this peel is for you.

This is our most popular peel in the clinic.  The revolutionary treatment stimulates cell renewal, dramatically reducing fine lines & wrinkles.  This peel also includes microdermabrasion to deeply exfoliate the skin. Your overall skin tone, texture and clarity can improve immensely after just one treatment.

The Obagi Radiance is another of our most popular peels on offer.  This treatment is perfect for people wanting to tighten and smooth the overall appearance of their skin.  You will also notice your skin looks much brighter after just one procedure.

The 3 Step Peel can dramatically improve the overall health of the skin through exfoliation and cellular stimulation.  The peel is also great as well due to having minimal downtime & irritation.  If you have rough skin or suffer from melasma or uneven skin tone, then this is the peel for you.

The ViPeel contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients (Salicylic Acid, TCA, Retin-A, Phenol & Vitamin C). This is a very powerful peel with virtually no pain, no preparation and very little down time.  You can enjoy younger looking, radiant skin within about a week.

This peel is made from the same blend of ingredients just at a higher concentration.  The Precision Peel is an excellent addition for treating fine lines, actinic keratosis and age spots on the face, hands, arms or chests.  The results of this peel will be visible once the peeling process is complete.  The tone & texture of the skin with improve considerable, giving an overall more youthful appearance.

Glo Pro 5 Peel is a versatile treatment using a modern formulation that balances, heals and repairs the skin with no downtime. This blend is effective and gentle and contains healing anti-inflammatory properties, making it specifically suitable for sensitive skin types.  Mandelic, Gluconic, and Lactic Acids gently exfoliate the skin to provide a beautiful, dewy glow

This Peel effectively tackles stubborn and re-occurring acne by killing bacteria and cleaning out the pores.  It is effective in removing blemishes, discolorations and scars caused by acne. This peel also enhances collagen production, fades fine lines and wrinkles and reverses signs of sun damage, making it a staple anti-ageing peel.

• Please be aware that any chemical peel can only be carried out 2 weeks before, or after, a high climate holiday.

This is due to the sensitivity of the skin after treatment and to also prevent hyper pigmentation.