Blue LED Light Therapy

Blue LED Light Therapy Treatment Tunbridge Wells, Kent & Sussex

Can you imagine a younger fresher you with a brighter and smoother complexion?

For clearer, brighter skin and fewer breakouts, Blue LED Light Therapy is an effective treatment in the battle against acne. Blue LED light penetrates beneath the skin to calm and regulate the sebaceous gland – (acne is caused when the sebaceous gland goes into overdrive).

Blue Light Acne Phototherapy promotes the creation of powerful oxygen molecules within the skin, which have the ability to quickly and effectively destroy the acne-causing bacteria lurking therein.

Unlike other acne treatments, it doesn’t result in dryness or discomfort as is often the case with topical medications, and does not cause any known side effects. The blue light doesn’t contain any harmful ultraviolet (UV) light that can damage skin either. Here at rtwskin, we use it in conjunction with other facial procedures to come up with the most effective treatment plan, tailored personally to your skin.