Red Spots And Cherry Angiomas Treatment in Tunbridge Wells

Spider Angiomas, Red Spots or Cherry Angiomas on the skin are proliferations of very small blood vessels

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Cherry Angioma Removal Tunbridge Wells Kent Unwanted and cosmetically displeasing, Cherry Angiomas can also occur on the face, neck, chest and décolleté as well as the body and the back of the hands. With time, Cherry Angiomas tend to increase in both number and in size, so it’s best to treat them as soon as possible.

Treatment options:

There are a few treatment options for Red Spots or Cherry Angiomas available:

1. Sclerotherapy involves an injection of a special chemical solution directly into the Red Spots.

2. Electrocauterization– coagulation of Red Spots with an electric current delivered by a tiny probe.

However, the risks of these treatments are high with incidence of recurrence and a probability of a visible mark, scar or discolouration in the treated area. 

3. We have found that Laser treatment for Cherry Angiomas is the most effective way of dealing with these Red Spots. Laser treatment is fast and effective, eliminating these lesions permanently after just one treatment, with minimal downtime or scarring. This is why, here at rtwskin, we prefer to use the most advanced technology of ND:Yag Laser.

How Laser works?

Laser light passes through the surface level of the skin directly to the Red Spot, leaving the surrounding skin untouched. Precise target of Cherry Angiomas greatly minimises the risk of scarring, cosmetic blemishes or any alteration in the texture of the skin in the treated area.

During a complimentary consultation our skin experts will discuss with you the best and most cost effective method of treatment by assessing your skin condition, skin type and the desired results.

A consultation with our consultant Dermatologist or our Specialist Doctor in Dermatology is also available at an additional cost.

All laser treatments require Skin Adverse Reaction Testing (TEST PATCH) 24 hours prior to your first treatment.

Immediately after laser treatment, the Cherry Angioma usually becomes darker in colour and starts to form a small crust or scab, which falls off after a few days. Because this treatment is quick, large numbers of Red Spots can be treated in a very short period of time. Cherry Angioma Laser removal procedure is almost pain free and with minimal side-effects, it is a very effective treatment (complete clearance after one treatment) and won’t cause any damage or scarring on your surrounded skin.

All laser procedures will require a test patch a minimum of 24 hours prior to treatment. This is a standard requirement for safety and insurance purposes.

The causes of Red Spots are numerous and include genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, such as pregnancy and some oral contraceptives, as well as prolonged sun exposure and photo-ageing

Existing lesions are usually removed permanently, although new Red Spots tend to form (in new locations) over time. They can take several years to become large enough to necessitate treatment

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