NEW Generation Phototherapy with Monochromatic Excimer Light for an effective treatment of Psoriasis

Genuine UVB rays of hope for Psoriasis patients in Tunbridge Wells.No Drugs, Painless, Rapid and Long Lasting Results

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PSORIASIS hand treatment Tunbridge Wells KentPsoriasis causes millions of people physical and psychological discomfort. Costly treatments which have to be repeated with serious side effects have dashed the hopes of many patients. Now the innovative Monochromatic Excimer Light of Excilite-μ offers a revolutionary way of treating Psoriasis.

Monochromatic Excimer Light (MEL@308 nm) of Excilite-μ is a new effective option for treating psoriasis which delivers ultraviolet light to localized areas of the skin.

This treatment uses intense, focused laser light to help control areas of mild to moderate psoriasis without harming healthy skin around them. Targeted laser therapy is similar in effectiveness to traditional light therapy, but it works in fewer sessions with more intense light that can reach deeper into the affected skin.

DEKA Monochromatic Excimer Light of Excilite-μ for Psoriasis:

The 308-nm Phototherapy Laser creates a concentrated, but painless, beam of light that is applied through a handpiece directly to the skin.  By targeting only the affected tissue, the laser delivers concentrated treatment that may promote  faster clearing and longer remission than conventional UVB phototherapy. Because only the affected areas of skin are treated, the Excimer light can be administered in a concentration, leading to faster results. Excimer UVB therapy has often proven successful in cases that were previously considered difficult to treat.

For more severe cases please book your appointment to see our Consultant Dermatologist or our Speciality Doctor in Dermatology who can manage difficult cases and  create a bespoke treatment plan which may include prescription medication.

You will be advised on your maintenance treatments and how to use prescription skincare products.

We also offer a wide range of medical cosmeceutical products for your aftercare use.

These products have helped many patients to regain confidence and maintain good results.

Scalp Psoriasis treatment:

The therapy is effective for Psoriasis with thick plaques on elbows, knees, and most importantly, the scalp. Before this option, there were only ineffective treatments available for the scalp area except topical medications, which were difficult to manage for both the patient and the provider. A further advantage of this therapy is that relatively few sessions are required and the total treatment period is considerably shorter than conventional light therapy. Treatment is offered twice a week.  Usually a minimum of 8-10 treatments for improvement depending on individual response, thickness and severity of disease.

Finally, this therapy provides a substantial benefit to patients who respond well to traditional therapies but have one remaining recalcitrant plaque. Studies show that remission times are similar to those of traditional phototherapy.

UVB light at 308nm wavelength slows down the multiplication of skin cells by suppressing the formation of DNA in cells. Under carefully controlled energy parameters UVB 308nm rays help to calm and heal the skin.
UVB light alters the function of immune cells in the skin but does not appear to affect our normal immunity.

DEKA Excilite-µ laser system is light years ahead of other psoriasis treatments. On your first visit, we will test your skin to determine your optimum dosage level. Then, 24 hours later, a painless, concentrated beam of light is applied through a handpiece directly to the skin. As it is only the affected areas of skin treated, the Excimer light can be administered in a high concentration, leading to faster results and longer remission. This therapy has been successful in cases that have previously been considered difficult to treat

Do not apply any creams or sunscreens to the affected areas before your treatment. The light needs to penetrate as deep as possible

Avoid excessive sun exposure. This is an ultraviolet light-based treatment. It is imperative that you do not sunbathe afterwards. It is also important that you do not plan vacations until 4-5 weeks after treatment.YOU MAY CONTINUE TO APPLY ANY CREAMS USED PREVIOUSLY IF YOU ARE DRY OR ITCHING, ALTHOUGH IT IS ADVISED TO REFRAIN PRIOR TO A TREATMENT SESSION!