Medical Pedicure Treatment

Medical Pedicure in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

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For healthy, hygienic & fresh feet

Medical Pedicures can help cure problems associated with fungal nail, hard skin on your feet, in growing nails and many more feet related problems.

The Medical Pedicure is a 1 hr. and 30 min general foot treatment consisting of nail trimming, cleansing, removal of hard skin/corns and sanding of the areas completed with full moisturisation of the foot. This treatment is carried out by a qualified nurse and is a gold standard pedicure.

A good manicure or pedicure is heaven, and will leave you feeling fresh, light and relaxed. Your hands and feet will probably look and feel better than they have for years. You’ll want to look at them and show them off, and will make rash promises to yourself about how much better care you’ll take of them in future, whether it is to wear rubber gloves whilst washing the dishes or wearing comfortable shoes. Medical Manicures are now becoming an essential treatment for ladies and gentlemen of all ages. We can help to treat fungal nail, ingrown finger nails and overgrown cuticles.

Ingrown nails (hands & feet)

Hard skin
Fungal nail (hands & feet)