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Birthmark Removal Tunbridge Wells Kent

Baby, it’s time to lose the birthmark – Birthmarks Removal Tunbridge Wells

There are as many types of birthmarks or lesions as there are causes but variety is not always the spice of life. These benign irregularities of the skin can cause embarrassment for too long. Although you’re unlucky to be born with one, you’re lucky enough to be born in an age where they can be removed. We have a range of state of the art laser equipment extensive enough for us to make sure your mark has met its match.

One of our doctors or medical professionals will first assess the characteristics of the lesion before discussing with you a treatment plan. “Q” Switch Laser generates a high powered beam of light which is delivered in an extremely short pulse. The light is absorbed by the excess pigment and breaks apart the cells that contain the pigment.

Come in and have a chat with us at rtwskin, and let’s give your skin the all-clear for a fresh, new you.

It depends on the birthmark. Come in and we will let you know, based on our experience, how many will do the trick. It could be anything between 3 and 15.

Take a look at our price list and you’ll get an idea of the range for treatments. Don’t forget you can join our loyalty scheme and save money on regular treatments, so that’s a lovely bonus. We will be open and honest about prices when we meet for a chat at the very first consultation, so that you can make your decision in your own time. And the consultation is free. So drop us a line or give us a call to come in for a chat.

The laser gives a mild sensation to the skin, something like an elastic band snapping at it. There will be some redness and possibly swelling after the treatment. The pigmented birthmark will form a scab which will be shed after a few days. Don’t forget to protect the area with sunscreen of a minimum SPF of 30.