silhouette soft one stitch facelift testimonial

The Secret of a Refreshed Face – by Silhouette Soft – One Stitch Facelift Tunbridge Wells

More of us than ever are embracing medical aesthetic treatments as part of our overall beauty maintenance routine. And it’s simple to see why; today’s procedures are far less invasive, they provide improved and lasting results and faster recovery times.

Here at rtwskin – One Stitch Facelift Tunbridge Wells we only offer our clients treatments that promise natural looking results which whisper ‘fresh rejuvenation’ instead of crying ‘obvious change’ and our most popular treatments are those which can be tailored to specific problem areas.

Silhouette Soft by Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh

One such procedure we now offer is the Silhouette Soft thread lift. This incision-free treatment was originally designed by the acclaimed Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh to counteract the most common effects of ageing and the menopause; facial volume loss, wrinkles and sagging.

Its development is based on six years of experience in suture suspension with cones used in reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery, and works by restoring natural facial fat to its original place, with the right tension. Sebagh states the treatment is now ‘as big and important as Botox was ten years ago’ and ‘offers something that no other treatment has ever provided in such a simple way: a redefined face’.

The Double Action

The beauty of this treatment is that not only does it provide a smoothing effect and a natural lift, but it actively improves the skins condition by acting on the deep skin layers, regenerating its lost collagen and thus improving its overall appearance.

How Does Silhouette Soft work?

Instead of a scalpel, the procedure involves using thread cones made of polylactic acid (PLA) – a polymer which is human biocompatible and 100% biodegradable; the same thread in fact that has been used for years for years in reconstructive surgery.

After injections of local anaesthetic to numb the areas, the thread is carefully and expertly drawn through the skin in the predetermined areas. Once in place, slight, even pressure is applied on the treated area to smooth and reshape the surface of the skin into the desired position.

Who is this treatment for?

Silhouette Soft – One Stitch Facelift Tunbridge Wells is a treatment that has been successfully used and recommended by rtwskin for men and women from the age of 40 who:

  • Want to treat sagging, wrinkles and loss of volume
  • Want long lasting, natural looking results
  • Want immediate, discreet results with minimal downtime
  • Do not wish to go under the knife
  • Prefer to keep full movement and flexibility in their facial features
  • Do not want or cannot have dermal fillers

What does it improve?

We all age differently and the beauty of Silhouette Soft is that it was designed to target specific areas and also work in conjunction with other anti-ageing treatments. Whether your problem is your lower face (jowls) or your upper face (cheeks, forehead and eye area) or even your neck, this treatment will bring your profile back in line to your naturally younger looking self.

How long will it take and how long will it last?

After your initial free consultation here at rtwskin you will be provided with all the information you require to make an informed decision. There is no further preparation required; just one painless, 30 minute session will immediately lift and re-define your profile and keep it that way for up to 18 months.