Age: 48
Treatment(s): Chin and Jawline Sculpting

I would definitely recommend rtwskin to anyone wishing to improve any small imperfections they may have. Having this procedure has made a huge difference to my confidence!

What made you consider Chin and Jawline Sculpting?

I had been unhappy with the shape of my chin for some time and it seemed to be getting worse with age! It made me feel very self-conscious and shy about my appearance

What made you choose rtwskin?

I didn’t want to go down the surgery route. So, I did some research on what the next best thing was and realized that fillers sounded the perfect answer! I googled local companies in my area and felt that rtwskin gave the most information and background and they have some very good reviews

How did you find your consultation?

I was nervous for my first appointment but Aksana instantly put me at ease and I felt very comfortable with her explanations and procedure for treatment. I trusted what she felt was best for me.  At no point have I felt pushed into anything or treatments which I don’t need, in fact, very much the opposite. Aksana was very clear on what I needed but didn’t feel I should go overboard with all sorts of additional procedures at that time. She wanted to do my chin first and go from there if I needed anything else done.  I also had some Botox which I had discussed with her in my first appointment

What was your experience, in treatment?

Again, Aksana was very calming and talked me through the procedure step by step. It was a little uncomfortable but nothing too bad and the end result was certainly worth the small amount of pain. I had some discomfort for a few days afterwards but that soon disappeared.  The follow up consultations have also been useful as we realized I needed a bit more to finish it off properly

Has it been worth it?

Absolutely! And I would definitely recommend rtwskin to anyone wishing to improve any small imperfections they may have. It has made a huge difference to my confidence and we have already discussed procedures I may wish to have in the future. It’s not the cheapest place to have procedures done, but it isn’t always about that and the care and advice I’ve been given here made the decision so much easier to finally go ahead with my treatment.


Before & After Photos