Our facial aesthetic procedures to make you look fresher and younger

How we make you look fresher, not frozen

By Dr Nina Sheffield, MD, BSc

If you’re thinking of having facial aesthetic procedures, it’s important to know the sort of results your practitioner will be aiming to achieve. At rtwskin, we aim to make you look fresher, not frozen.


Looking great for your age

12 years ago, people had BOTOX® to the max, giving them shiny foreheads and rabbit-in-the-headlights looks.  Now, our aim is to enhance your appearance, but not change it.  We want your friends to say: ‘You look so well, have you been on holiday?’, not ‘Have you had BOTOX®?’

99% of our patients want this natural look.  They want to look fresher, not necessarily younger, but good for their age.  They want to get rid of the things that make them look tired: frown lines, angry lines and down-turned mouths.  These are all things that we can achieve.


How we make you look fresher

We use a combination of BOTOX® and dermal fillers, choosing the right product for the different areas of your face.  In general, BOTOX® is applied to the upper face, injected in the kinetic muscles to treat worry lines and crow’s feet, while dermal fillers are injected into the static lines in the middle and lower part of the face (nose to mouth lines, marionette lines and upper lip lines).

While dermal fillers work instantly, it takes up to a fortnight to see the final results from BOTOX®.  There are also many factors that can affect exactly how the injections will work in you, which means we can’t predict exactly the impact they will have; if you and a friend came in and had exactly the same injections, the differences in your enzymes, build, genes, sun exposure, exercise and metabolism could lead to very different results.  We, therefore, recommend starting off cautiously and offer a free follow-up appointment after two weeks to assess the results and provide additional injections if required.  This enables us to achieve the results you are looking for without running the risk of making our face look artificial. 

We love helping our patients to look like a fresher version of them – and we love hearing how well everyone says they look after they’ve come to see us.


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Dr. Nina Sheffield


Meet the expert

Dr Nina Sheffield qualified as a GP before specialising in Otolaryngology (ENT).  For the last 12 years, she has specialised in medical lasers and cosmetic injections