New Year Glow up

New Year Glow up

New Year is all about fresh starts, and here at rtwskin we are all about fresh thinking.  So, if like so many of us your resolutions have dissolved by the second week of January, why not set a more realistic goal for 2023? Invest in your skin this year and unlock its full potential. Our lead therapist Zivile offers advice on applying skin care products in the correct order, prioritising products which are proven to work and the importance of regular peels or facials.

A journey starts with a small step and we are here to guide you every step of the way. Read on for our top tips to see your skin through the harsh winter months.

A simple skincare regime is a good place to begin.  With a plethora of products available, and an overwhelming amount of information, understanding products and knowing the order in which to apply them can be confusing.  “Whether your skin is dry, sensitive or oily, looking after your skin is all about balance,” says Zivile who has worked in aesthetics for over 8 years. “It is very important to not strip your skin nor to overload it.”

The general rule of thumb with regards to skincare order is to go from thin to thick. Mornings, a gentle cleanser, toner, vitamin C serum and (or) moisturiser completed with an SPF sunscreen.

Evenings it is essential to double cleanse your skin.  “Cleansing twice ensures all suncream, residue dirt from the day and make-up has been fully removed” continues Zivile. “A gentle cleanser can be followed with an active or exfoliating cleanser to remove any dead skin cells and allow a deeper penetration of products.”  Follow cleansing with a toner, hyaluronic serum and retinol (optional). “Allow 30 minutes for the absorption of retinol and complete with a layer of moisturiser as it can be drying,” explains Zivile. “If introducing retinol to your routine it is essential to do so gradually, use once or twice a week and gradually build up enabling your skin to adjust to the change.”

So just how important is sunscreen in our morning routine in winter? “Critical!” exclaims Zivile. “It doesn’t matter what season it is UV rays are still there and are still damaging.  Not only does sunscreen help to prevent skin cancer, but it improves the overall health of your skin, combats uneven skin tone and aids in the prevention of pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.  If you only make one change to your skin routine this year, ensure it is the addition of a daily sunscreen. Whatever the weather, whatever the season.”

Remember results take time. Don’t expect a dramatic improvement overnight.  Be patient, stick with it and you will reap the benefits. To compliment your new routine, winter is the perfect time to renew your skin without the exposure to the harsh summer sun.  Regular facials or peels can help to stimulate skin restoration and will not only brighten your appearance but will remove dull skin to reveal a smoother, plumper and tighter complexion.

We have many peels available at rtwskin including stronger peels such as ZO 3 Step Peel (with 6% Retinol) and the VI Peel which has a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients, (Salicylic Acid, TCA Retin A and Vitamin C).  Peels target concerns including scarring, acne, pigmentation, and sun damage  and improve the overall tone and texture of the skin to reveal a youthful glow.


Don’t neglect your diet either. We have all heard the expression you are what you eat but how much do you put it into practice? Whilst removing food groups and depriving yourself of all sweet treats is neither advised nor sustainable,  a healthy and balanced diet is key in regards to a radiant complexion.  Nourish your skin by increasing your fresh fruit and vegetable intake, enjoy treats in moderation  and all importantly stay hydrated.  At least 2 litres of water a day will benefit your whole body from the inside out improving your skin’s appearance, your wellbeing and your performance.

Book in to see one of our therapists for a bespoke skin analysis and begin your skincare journey for the New Year today.