Mesotherapy 101: Everything you need to know about this Hydrating Injectable Treatment


Mesotherapy 101: Everything you need to know about this Hydrating Injectable Treatment

By Eve Thompson, Practice Manager

Whether it is the latest serum, facial or Medical grade product, we are all on that quest to find gorgeous glowing skin!  Well, look no further as Mesotherapy works!
Hydration is a big thing; dehydrated skin can add years to your appearance, and we are all guilty of over-layering moisturisers to keep those fine lines at bay. However, over-layering products can clog your pores and create new problems entirely, let alone the cost you are outlaying. Look no further, as Mesotherapy with Juvéderm Volite is an excellent option.


Mesotherapy is all about boosting hydration, elasticity, smoothing fine lines and generally improving your complexion, making skin look healthier and more radiant.  Juvéderm Volite is a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gel designed to improve the smoothness of your skin, reduce fine lines, improve skin laxity and add hydration for up to nine months after only one treatment.  Administered through multiple, superfine injections, it instantly starts to plump and hydrate the skin, giving you a youthful glow.  After your Mesotherapy, it can take up to two weeks to show optimum results.

What are the benefits of Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy can instantly improve tired, dull-looking skin, blood circulation is increased – aiding your body in flushing out those nasty toxins that age our skin.  You will notice an improvement in fine lines, making it the perfect treatment to combine with Botox.

What you can expect?

We will begin your treatment with a Complimentary Consultation to discuss your concerns and decide if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. The treatment takes around 30 minutes, and while not painful, it can be slightly uncomfortable, an anaesthetic cream can be applied, if required. There is minimal downtime with Mesotherapy, you may experience a little bruising and slight swelling, but it will be short-lived and should settle within 24 hours. Your skin will become hydrated, radiant, nourished and firmer.


If you’re looking for a face overhaul, then this isn’t the treatment for you. However, we can promise you that Mesotherapy will give you back that gorgeous luminosity and glow…so much so that you’ll be having a sneak peek at your refreshed reflection in shop windows when no one’s looking!


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Meet the expert

Aesthetic Nurse, Medical Laser & Cosmetic Injection Specialist – Skin Councillor

“Skin and beauty absolutely fascinate me. At rtwskin, I’ve had all the training I could hope for or dream of. I even get to attend the Master Classes provided by Allergan, the manufacturers of BOTOX and Juvederm. When the treatments are carefully planned, with the full understanding and agreement of the patient they can and do work wonders. I know I must manage patient expectations carefully, never overestimating or exaggerating the outcome of any treatment. My mantra is, always under-promise, then over-deliver.”