Laser removal of xanthelasma without scars

Why you don’t need to suffer in silence with xanthelasma

By Dr. Fatima Ahmed

Xanthelasma can make you feel very self-conscious. Appearing as yellow lumps, normally around the eyes, you can feel as though people are looking at them, not you. What’s more, it’s hard to cover up with makeup. But removing it is simple and painless – so it’s easy to say goodbye to your xanthelasma.




The impact of xanthelasma

A build-up of fatty deposits, xanthelasma is sometimes caused by excessive cholesterol, and can occasionally be a sign of liver issues. We therefore always recommend a blood test, but if there is no underlying issue, xanthelasma in themselves is not dangerous; they are a cosmetic issue (if they are under the eye they can cause bags) but present no health complications.

But if you have them, you probably know there is no over-the-counter remedy to get rid of them. What’s more, many people with xanthelasma are very self-conscious about them and find that they knock their confidence.


Removing xanthelasma

Traditionally, the only way of removing xanthelasma was through surgery, which leaves scars and – like all operations – carries potential risks. Fortunately, rtwskin are now able to offer laser removal of xanthelasma; a one-off treatment is done under local anaesthetic, it effectively removes the fatty build up without leaving any scars. Laser removal is quick and painless, although we always take it slowly when we are using lasers near the eye. It is also effective: we can usually remove most xanthelasma in an hour, although if they are very big, we may recommend different sessions to enable us to remove them in sections until they are completely gone.



Healing takes a month and then improves further. You need to keep the area clean and take antibiotics for one week after the laser removal. There will be a superficial wound initially, that will be the same size as the lesion. This will develop a scab after one to two weeks; it is important to let it drop off naturally to reveal the healthy skin underneath.

While laser removal is effective, you can develop new xanthelasma (some people are prone to them); however, we can easily remove these using the same technique.


Unfortunately, although xanthelasma can seriously impact your confidence, removal is not normally available of the NHS; our quick, effective laser removal is, therefore, a cost-effective way of saying goodbye to your xanthelasma so you can look the world in the eye again.


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