T3 Collagen Remodelling

T3, Tone Texture and Tighten in Tunbridge Wells, Kent & Sussex

How does T3 work?

T3 collagen remodelling Tunbridge Wells Kent


T3 collagen remodelling Tunbridge Wells Kent

T3, Tone Texture and Tighten; Beautiful Things come in Threes

Would you like to improve your skin tone, texture and tightness (T3)?

Try our Fractional Photorejuvenation T3 procedure with Fotona Nd:Yag Laser.

This non-invasive photo-collagen remodelling technique or T3 treatment is based on the absorption of Nd:Yag laser energy by haemoglobin with partial coagulation of microvasculature in the papillary dermis and the release of inflammatory mediators. The result is micro-vascular renewing, fibroblast stimulation and new collagen remodelling which, in turn, gives you smoother skin and smaller pore size, visibly improving skin tightness, tone and texture (T3). It’s great for all skin types, complements any injectable or advanced procedure and is suitable for the face, chest, side of the neck and hands.

The desired results are achieved through improving skin tone and collagen stimulation. 3-6 follow up treatments are recommended at 2-4 week intervals. The wrinkles will continue to diminish over 6-12 months after the initial treatment, as the rejuvenation process takes place. There will be no recovery time. It is imperative that you stay out of the sun for 24 hours after treatment.  Also, you must be aware that there may be slight redness for 1-2 hours.

Combination of laser T3 procedure & IPL Photo facial

IPL Photo facial is a Photorejuvenation Type I which addresses the majority of the problems right at the skin’s surface typically caused by sun exposure (Photo-ageing). IPL selectively targets abnormal changes that develop with age and successfully improves fine lines, sun damage, age spots, and symptoms of rosacea, broken veins, enlarged pores, and numerous other facial flaws.

Laser Nd:Yag addresses common skin conditions due to the ageing process and the result is a healthier, younger-looking complexion. Clinical effects such as reduced wrinkles, diminished pore size, reduction in erythema and improved skin texture are all possible with this technology.

IPL & Laser Nd:Yag address different concerns at multiple levels of the skin. Each of these two procedures can be used in combination with the other, on separate occasions or during the same visit, to create a synergistic effect.

Ideal for skin tightening, active acne, rosacea, broken blood vessels, age spots, and large pores.

At rtwskin our passion is to help you make subtle, clever and beautiful enhancements to your appearance, and we’ll never get bored with seeing our clients walk out looking confident, revitalised and back to their best. That’s why we bring you T3; as no one has yet mastered the art of turning back the clock, we can offer the next best thing!

Collagen is one of the most vital components of youthful skin. It’s a structural element which exists naturally in the dermal layers and ensures flesh is firm, plump, smooth. But as the years go by, the innate presence of that anti-ageing magic material within the skin gradually diminishes, eventually becoming dormant. This waning results in wrinkles, loss of elasticity and eventually sagging areas. They say that by the time we reach 25, the collagen within us is in decline. I know, depressing eh. Who even knows what it is before they’re 25?! Well don’t despair there, because our T3 Collagen Remodelling procedure works to awaken the tiring collagen cells,; brightening, improving texture, decreasing pore size, toning and giving an even and boosted complexion.

The process involves use of laser which causes a localized thermal injury and initiates a wound-healing response within the skin’s layers. In time, this process helps the renewal of collagen in the treatment zone; the most common areas treated are the face chest neck or hands.

So if your biggest asset is showing signs of a wind down, we can help you to wind back the clock with T3.

How Does Collagen Remodelling work?

Improves the Skin Tone
Tightness and Texture
Reduces Wrinkles
Facial redness
Pores size to reverse signs of ageing
Suitable for all skin type

Treatment areas include face, chest, side of the neck and hands.

We recommend that you have an intense course of three treatments and then have monthly maintenance to help keep the results.

Take a look at our price list and you’ll get an idea of the price range. Our medical practitioners will always keep in mind your concerns and what you want to achieve. And don’t forget you can join our loyalty scheme and save money on regular treatments, so that’s a lovely bonus. And don’t worry, we will be open and honest about prices when we meet for a chat at the very first consultation, so that you can make your decision in your own time. And the consultation is free. So drop us an email or give us a call to come in for a chat.

T3 requires zero downtime, and no, it doesn’t hurt a bit. We recommend using the treatment in conjunction with photo rejuvenation or any of our injectable treatments for even better results.