Fungal Nail Treatment in Tunbridge Wells

Effective Laser treatment for fungal nail infection in Kent & Sussex

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Fungal Nail Treatment in Tunbridge Wells

Here at rtwskin, we have a high success rate with the treatments for fungal nail infection with Fotona Nd:Yag Laser.  Clinical trials show that laser light safely destroys fungal infections in 85–90% of cases without damaging the nail or surrounding tissue. The laser beam is moved in a spiral technique over the surface of the diseased nail multiple times during one treatment session.  For toenail infections it is advisable to treat both feet to prevent cross infection. We recommend four laser treatments at two weeks intervals. After a series of treatments the healthy nail will push the diseased portion of nail out and it can then be cut or scraped away. The efficacy of the treatment cannot be assessed until the nail grows out which can take a minimum of nine months. For the patients with immunodeficiency Fungal nail, treatment we will entail a combination of two lasers. The first laser, a Q-Switched Laser, is a powerful laser that will break the hard outer shell of the fungus spore, creating a clean and clear target for the second laser. The second laser is an Nd:YAG Laser, which will quickly and efficiently destroy the fungal infection.

What are the benefits?

No side effects
Does not harm the nail or skin
Usually only 4 sessions required
Shoes and nail polish can be worn immediately after treatment

Our Skin Experts: During a consultation, our trained experts will assess the severity of the fungal infection and create a treatment plan for you. For severe fungal infection cases please book your appointment to see our consultant dermatologist or our doctor who is specially trained in dermatology. More complex cases can then be suitably managed and a bespoke treatment plan can be created which may include prescription topical medication.

To prepare for a laser treatment for fungal nail infection it is advisable to have a medical pedicure. Reducing the thickness of the infected nail will then allow the laser light to penetrate as deep as possible to completely kill the infection. This treatment is offered by our qualified registered nurse.

Please remove nail varnish and any nail decorations the day before your laser treatment and cut and file your nails down.

We recommend you to have 4 treatments at two weeks intervals. The number of treatments can vary depending on how long the infection has been present and how deep the fungal infection has progressed into the nail bed. You may need additional treatments if you have had the fungal infection for more than three years. This will be discussed with you at consultation.

You will feel a warm sensation under the nail while the laser is being moved across the nail plate. During the treatment we use a cooler to maintain your comfort. Immediately following the treatment, your nail may feel warm for a few minutes.

If the nail bed is healthy the nail plate should grow out in 6-12 months, with healthy new growth visible within the first 3 months

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