Know your skin – The difference between sunspots and freckles.

The difference between sunspots and freckles.

Summer is the season when we tend to reveal our face pigmentation a little bit more than usual, especially that we often go foundation-free or wear lighter coverage.

Not every brown coloured spot on your skin is the same, despite looking very similar there are few differences to look for. We have prepared this guide to help you identify early sun damage to your skin and how to stay aware of any early signs of melanoma.

Freckles are harmless and are tenable to be genetic, these appear regardless of sun exposure. Most of the freckles are usually less than 5 mm in diameter and their formation boosted by sun exposure. Without the ”freckle gene” (MC1R) that instructs protein (responsible for pigmentation) within your complexion, your skin will not produce these cute-looking spots despite the sun exposure. If your skin is sprinkled with spots in your adulthood entirely, these are very likely to be sun damage.

Sunspots are typically larger than freckles and are generally harmless, but, it is essential to keep an eye on these to be able to spot any signs of evolving that could be a sign of melanoma. The self-check rule is known as the ABCDE rule, and we explained it in one of our rtwskin blogs. You can read more about it here.
The good thing about sunspots is that these are not always permanent. SPF should be used to avoid any further sun damage. However, with continuous usage, you can reduce further harm, and by reducing exposure to UVA, your spots are very likely to fade away.

Research shows that sun exposure is responsible for 80% of the visible ageing of your skin.

Prevention is crucial when it comes to protection against sun damage as sometimes, it cannot be easily reversed.

Our rtwskin skincare specialists recommend using SPF 50 despite the season and using at least 1/4 tbsp to cover the whole face and neck area.

We believe that freckles are simply gorgeous and make you look unique. If you are adult with the freckle-sprinkled face, you will be pleased to hear that these can make you look younger as freckles are often associated with puberty. However, if you are not a fan of freckles, you will be delighted to know that at rtwskin we offer a range of treatments and clinically proven prescription skincare personalised for you by our expert dermatologist to help fade away unwanted pigmentation.


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