How we correct the dermal filler mistakes of other clinics

How we put other people’s mistakes right

By Dr Nina Sheffield, MD, BSc

Dermal fillers can boost your confidence by making you look fresher and less tired.  But there is potential for them to go wrong, so you need an experienced practitioner who really knows what they’re doing.  Unfortunately, not everyone who waves a needle falls into this category; sadly, we see too many cases in rtwskin of people who’ve had botched dermal fillers. Fortunately, our experienced practitioners have the skills to put other people’s mistakes right. 


The risks

Dermal fillers come with risks.  Crucially, they should only be used on static lines in the middle and lower face.  But even in the right part of the face, they need to be treated with respect and skill.  If you inject them into a blood vessel, it can occlude it, potentially causing necrosis (where the skin tissue goes black) or blanching (where it goes white).  Putting too much filler into one point can also compress a blood vessel, again with the danger of necrosis.

Dermal fillers also come in different strengths.  You need to know which ones to inject where, and how much to use; the wrong strength or the wrong dose can lead to unnatural effects and even the loss of sensitivity.  If you put a filler that is too heavy in the tear trough area, it will create puffiness and the eyes will appear very swollen.  If you put it in too superficially, you can see the filler; it creates what is called the tindle effect, a grey reflection of the light.

Dermal fillers are also not a one-size-fits-all solution.  For example, while they can be great for freshening the tear trough area, they are not suitable for everyone; if you have bags under your eyes, it implies there is a problem with drainage, so you don’t want to put more liquid in the site.  Filler attracts water to the area, so an area that is already puffy would become even puffier.



Putting other people’s mistakes right

Unfortunately, we see too many botched dermal fillers caused by practitioners who simply didn’t know what they were doing.  Most of the mistakes we see are on the lips and tear troughs.


Tear Trough treatment carried out at rtwskin

The lips are a particularly sensitive area, where is it essential to choose: the right technique, the right filler and the right strength.  Unfortunately, a lot of clinics often put in too much (you should have no more than 4 mls injected into your lips) or use a filler that is too thick for the lips.

One recent case was a young girl who came to see us who had had too much dermal filler in her lips; she was completely disfigured and had lost sensitivity in her lips.  She had been given injections of a product that is not suitable for the lips (Juvéderm 4, which is too thick for this area).  She was given 2 mls straight away but was then told to come back and have two more syringes each week, giving her four syringes of the wrong product.  Fortunately, we were able to restore her looks and her sensitivity by expertly dissolving the filler.

With most hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, we can correct other people’s mistakes fairly easily.  Unfortunately, artificial dermal fillers can only be removed by surgery; we do not do surgery at rtwskin but we have close links to trusted Plastic Surgeons.

If you choose the right aesthetic expert, dermal fillers will help you achieve the look you want without any adverse side effects.  But if things do sadly go wrong for you, we are very happy to offer a no-obligation consultation to see whether we can help put them right for you.

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Dr Nina Sheffield qualified as a GP before specialising in Otolaryngology (ENT).  For the last 12 years, she has specialised in medical lasers and cosmetic injections