Fruit Enzymes – peels without the peeling

Our mini-guide to the most popular Fruit Enzymes used in skincare products.

Enzyme peels are mixtures of natural fruit proteins (enzymes) that can work wonders. So, how do they work?

The top layer of our skin contains keratin, a protein that is responsible for the roughness of your skin. Fruit enzymes work to dissolve these proteins into smaller particles. This process reveals a brighter and clearer complexion. But don’t get frightened! They are considered the least invasive peels, and you can control the strength of the exfoliating process by managing its ‘work’ time. Fruit enzyme peels are recommended for those with a low tolerance for acids. However, for the first timers, we would suggest using the shortest time advised by the manufacturer for home-use products.

If you are not a fan of the skin flaking process (that usually occurs on 3rd-day post chemical peel), you will be pleased to hear that there is no peeling involved with enzymatic peels.

When used regularly, these fantastic products accelerate the natural exfoliation process and help to keep your skin looking radiant and on oh-so-smooth. Combine an enzyme peel into your skincare regime and experience endless benefits such as boosting your everyday products effectivity. What is more, exfoliated skin absorbs serums, vitamins and all good skincare ingredients on a more in-depth level as all the blocking dead skin cells and sebum are being dissolved and removed.

Read more about the most popular fruit enzyme peels and their benefits…

Pineapple Containing bromelain, a protein-digesting enzyme derived from the stem, fruit, and juice of the plant. By breaking down dry, dead skin cells, it promotes a smoother and brighter complexion. Bromelain is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect for those suffering from breakouts.

Banana Containing amylase and maltase enzymes is perfect for dissolving dead skin cells and nourishing dull and dehydrated skin. Bananas in skincare are perfect for revitalising dry skin, controlling sebum production and for reducing breakouts.

Papaya Is one of the most popular fruit enzymes among skincare, like other enzymes it rids your skin from dead skin cells layer. Papaya enzyme called Papain increases skin elasticity and prevents fine lines formation. Perfect for pigmented and dull skin. It is well known for skin brightening properties.

Passionfruit Catalase is an enzyme occurring in Passionfruit. By digesting dead skin cells and removing sebum it is often used to help with clearing congested and acne-prone complexions. Passionfruit is also an excellent antioxidant, which will give your skin a dewy glow.

Pumpkin Proteolytic enzymes provide deep exfoliation by digesting proteins accumulated on the skin’s surface. Pumpkin is also full of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). And it’s packed with A, B, C and E vitamins as well as zinc and fatty acids.

Enzymatic peels work by enhancing cellular renewal through gentle to mild exfoliation to reveal smooth, clearer and brighter complexion. If you are keen on trying enzymatic peels yourself, why not try our brand new treatment – Pumpkin Delight Facial featuring all benefits of the enzymatic peel. Read more about our Therapeutic Facials and Pumpkin Delight here.