Cold Body Sculpting (Cryolipolysis – Fat Freezing)

Fat & Cellulite reduction at rtwskin in Tunbridge Wells, Kent & Sussex

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Cold body sculpting Tunbridge Wells KentThe Cold Body Sculpting Fat Freezing Treatment Process

Cold Body Sculpting is a new, completely non-invasive way to gently and effectively reduce fat in targeted areas of the body resulting in fat reduction in stubborn areas without any downtime.

Firstly the correct size cooling plate is chosen following an initial consultation and assessment with a practitioner. The hand piece is then placed on your targeted treatment area. You will feel a firm pressure then an instant cooling sensation. You may feel some mild discomfort at the start of the treatment, but this will subside after the first 5-10 minutes. Throughout the treatment you may experience temporary numbness, there may also be some redness or bruising following the procedure, but this soon subsides and there are no lasting complications.

What’s fantastic about Cold Body Sculpting is there’s no knife, no needles, no lasers and no compression garments. After your treatment, you get on with your busy day – you can even go to the gym and exercise! The treatment lasts approximately an hour, depending on areas being treated.

So if you’re reasonably healthy but ready to shift fat from your tummy, thighs, love handles, waist, or your back, make the smart and sensible choice to come in and see Cold Body Sculpting Tunbridge Wells Kent & Sussex. And wave goodbye to bingo wings and more!

A course of 3 Cold Body Sculpting treatments are normally advised, an individual treatment plan will be provided at your Complimentary Consultation.  The amount of treatments required does vary from person to person depending on your Body Composition.  You may see results after just one session, but the full effects of treatment usually become visible after 3 to 4 months.  Our body will continue to flush out frozen cells for 4 – 6 months after the treatment.

Take a look at our price list and you’ll get an idea of the range. Don’t forget you can join our loyalty scheme and save money on regular treatments, so that’s a lovely bonus. We will be open and honest about prices when we meet for a chat at the very first consultation, so that you can make your decision in your own time. And the consultation is free. So drop us a line or give us a call to come in for a chat.

You’ll feel a cooling sensation on the treatment area and may feel some slight discomfort but this should go away after 5 to 10 minutes, after which you may feel some temporary numbing. You might experience redness or bruising of the area after the treatment but this soon goes away with no further complications.

During a consultation our trained experts will discuss with you the best and most cost effective method of treatment(s) by assessing the severity of your skin condition, your skin type and the desired results.

Most of skin laxity conditions can be corrected or minimized if treated properly, with the right treatment and product.

For more severe cases please book your appointment to see our consultant dermatologist or our specially trained in dermatology doctor who can manage difficult cases and prescribe you bespoke treatment plan which could include prescription topical medication.