Spot Injections

Cortisone Injections at Tunbridge Wells, Kent

If we wake up with a spot, we reach for concealer. But, sometimes you just don’t have time to let nature take its course. You have party plans and a large, eye-catching pimple certainly wasn’t on the guest list.

A Spot Injection, otherwise known as ‘Cortisone Injection’ or ‘Steroid injection’ is the popular, go-to treatment for eliminating blemishes. They work rapidly to calm inflammation and redness at the source of the problem within 48 hours.

Cystic acne, whether chronic or intermittent, is one of the most frustrating kinds of acne lesions to deal with. It is usually triggered by a surge in hormones such as those which occur during a women’s menstrual cycle. The skin’s oil glands become hypersensitive to this cascade of hormones and react by overproducing sebum. The result? The oil gland itself becomes enlarged, swollen and hardened with the excess oil. Cysts are most likely to affect your chin and jawline since this area has a large number of oil glands – which means a higher probability of breakouts and blocked pores.

Many people are affected by acne and it often affects a person’s self-esteem due to its visible effects. Although there are many skin products and treatments available to treat this skin condition, they will take time to see results. In such cases, cortisone injections are a great option for those who need an acne lesion to disappear quickly. Often, catching a cystic spot early can significantly help to reduce the chance of scarring being left behind in its place.

Cortisone is a hormone which works by reducing inflammation and calming the activity of the local immune system. The technical term for this procedure is intralesional corticosteroid injection, and the procedure involves using a very thin needle to inject the steroid in the affected area and they are very fast acting. Cysts and nodules cause lesions and the steroidal shot helps heal them within just a few days. Medical professionals use dilute solutions of this steroid to avoid atrophy of the skin as some of the affected people require more than one shot. It is believed to be one of the best treatments when it comes to getting rid of an acne cyst quickly.

Results can be seen within a matter of days as the swelling subsides and the wound starts to heal. Cortisone also accelerates the healing process thereby preventing scarring in the region.

As well as Cystic Acne, Cortisone Injections are very successful in treating Keloid Scars. Keloid scars are highly visible scars that usually develop around a healing wound. They can appear after surgery, after major skin trauma, around a new piercing or even after minor skin damage such as an acne breakout. These injections essentially halt the production of collagen, minimising scar tissue. This causes the keloid to soften and appear flatter.

Spots have a habit of appearing at all the wrong times: before weddings, events, holidays or an important date. Don’t despair though as there’s no need to let a pesky breakout ruin a special occasion. A shot of Cortisone will treat the blemish right at the source of the problem, making it disappear within 48 hours.