DERMAL FILLERS, The Facts – by Dr Nina Sheffield


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what are dermal fillers

As we age, our skin loses moisture and elasticity, and the signs of ageing begin. Dermal fillers are, when given by an experienced and sensitive cosmetic practitioner, a proven, safe and effective method for gently easing wrinkles, adding volume and slowing the ageing process in a subtle and natural way. Dermal fillers are a popular multi-purpose aesthetic treatment for the reduction of wrinkles, facial folds and replenishing the lost volume in areas such as cheeks, lower face and lips. Generally, they are made from hyaluronic acid or ‘HA’; a substance found in small quantities naturally in the body, which helps minimise the risk of infection, rejection and adverse side effects. HA is absorbed by the body over time, leaving no trace.



Dermal fillers can also help enhance your lips, nose, chin and hands. HA is dermal fillers are a multi purpose aesthetic treatmentdesigned to be injected just under the skin to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers can also help enhance your lips, nose, chin and hands. At rtwskin, I use a range of fillers trusted by millions, Juvederm. This is made by Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, and is one of the most reliable and technically superior products available. It has a range tailored to suit all areas of the face in different ways. Volift smooths frown lines, fills nasolabial folds and fine lines around the lips and eyes and can last up to 15 months. Voluma is especially designed for cheeks, cheekbones and the chin where more volume is required and can last up to 18 months. Volbella is a specific dermal filler for lips and mouth, to add definition, revitalise and fill in lip lines and wrinkles. Usually it will last for a year. Juvederm is one of many options available for dermal fillers but it is the one I have found to be the most reliable. Other companies products, such as Teosyal and Radiesse, offer variations to help accommodate all skin types and need. Dermal fillers really aren’t ‘one product fits all’, so we always recommend you seek a full consultation with your experienced clinician to agree on every detail of your treatment before and during the procedure. This ensures your expectations meet reality. Be involved with your treatment, it’s your face. Bearing in mind that dermal fillers normally last for 12 to 18 months, great care and attention is needed from experienced and trusted professionals, so it is always best to find a clinician you trust.


contouring and enhancement with dermal fillers



Once you are comfortable and confident with your clinician, you can commence the treatment and as HA is a naturally occurring Once you are comfortable and confident with your clinician, you can commence the treatment and as HA is a naturally occurring substance any side effects are minimal and you can return to normal daily duties soon after treatment. The area may be a little swollen and tender for 24 hours and some minimal redness and/or bruising may occur but will soon dissipate. These are not adverse reactions and will normally resolve themselves in a matter of days.





Although your clinician will advise you fully to ensure your health and well-being, it is worth remembering that under certain circumstances it is not advised to have dermal filler treatment, If the skin is swollen, or if infections are present, such as cold sores, they can increase the risk of infection. If you have even the slightest allergic reaction to the filler we may recommend you do not have this treatment again. Alternatives from different brands can be used but would probably produce similar results. We will not treat you while pregnant or if you suffer from an auto-immune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis or polymyositis.


lines wrinkles and folds dermal fillers



The results from dermal fillers can be seen instantly, and with regular reviews and close communication with your trusted practitioner you can ensure a lasting and subtle effect that will reveal the more youthful and natural you. Consultations are completely free with no obligation.

– Dr Nina Sheffield, Clinical Director at rtwskin