Dark circles & bags under your eyes can be reduced with our non-surgical treatments

Treatments for Dark circles & bags in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and East Sussex

Do people say you’re looking tired all the time?

Dark circles in the “tear trough” zone are usually due to the loss of volume in this area. This is part of the natural ageing process but can be present in much younger people who are genetically predisposed.

By filling the “tear trough” area with dermal filler the appearance of the dark circles and hollows can be dramatically reduced making the eyes look brighter and rejuvenated. Results can be amazing and can make a real difference to the whole face.

If dark circles under the eyes are related to the loss of facial volume, particularly in the mid face, Juvederm Voluma is used to restore a fresh, more youthful look.


We offer a number of treatment options to make your eyes appear more awake and refreshed.  During a complimentary consultation our practitioner will discuss with you the best and most cost effective method of treatment(s) by assessing the severity of your skin condition, volume loss, skin type and the desired results.


Wrinkles under the eye area that have developed through squinting, add years to your face and make you look tired. Botox can temporarily eliminate those lines, giving your skin a younger and fresher appearance. Treatment is virtually pain free and requires no downtime. Results show after one treatment, lasting up to four months.

MesoBotox is a new Botox injection technique, particularly effective for smoothing crow’s feet and reducing wrinkles under the eyes where the skin and muscles are thinner. With this technique we can achieve the “opening” effect of the eyes as well as an overall lifting effect.  For deeper, more established lines and wrinkles around the eyes, Dermal Fillers may be considered.


Dermal Filler Juvederm ® is a popular treatment for wrinkles, and the loss of facial volume. Juvederm® works as replenishment for the natural collagen which has been lost due to the ageing process.

Injections of Juvederm, HA Dermal filler, into the tear trough and upper cheek areas will replace lost volume and fill the “hollows” to smooth out  these negative contours, effectively eliminating the dark circles and erasing the tired look.

Your practitioner will administer a series of micro-injections along the tear trough hollows and gently massage the area to ensure the gel is evenly distributed. The treated area may be slightly red and swollen for a few days which can easily be disguised with makeup 24 hours after procedure. With any injectable procedure there is the risk of bruising and this can last up to 2 weeks and in some cases even longer. Typically results can last up to 18 months, and in some cases lasting well beyond 2 years.


The Madonna Lift is a new technique using a fractional CO2 laser on your entire eye area, to reduce the appearance of droopy eyelids, fine lines, dark circles and elevate eyebrows for a younger and less tired look.

Skincare for healthy skin:

Skin care products, based on Retinol, Fruit Acids, Vitamin C and high factor sun block are absolutely vital for skin repair and skin health. We recommend Obagi or ZO medical grade products. These products will activate your skin cells, rebuild collagen, improve circulation, while hydrating and protecting your skin from further sun damage. ZO product range contains a number of active ingredients, including high-strength retinol and antioxidants – effective for the restoration and long-term maintenance of healthy skin

During a complimentary consultation our practitioner will discuss with you the best and most cost effective method of treatment(s) and skincare regime by assessing the severity of your skin condition, volume loss, skin type and the desired results.

We offer you four essential steps  to achieve and maintain healthy, vibrant, younger looking skin:

Therapeutic procedures to correct medical skin conditions
Daily skincare regimens to keep skin healthy and prevent premature aging
Prevention that minimizes UV exposure to improve skin health
Maintenance programs to prevent reoccurrences

Dr. Obagi: “There is one core principle that drives everything for me – and that is, when treating skin disease, you have to do it within the context of skin health restoration. You can’t just focus on the disease because the results will be limited and short-lived. The three skin health restoration principles are Correction (improve the epidermis); Stimulation (improve the dermis); and Bleaching and Blending (correct pigmentation problems). My philosophy is all about remedying skin disease by treating it within the entire skin unit, and the reason for this is disease doesn’t just impact that one spot on your face that you can see or touch. It impacts all cells and you have to treat every element to get the skin back to being fully healthy again.”

Our skin gets thinner and weaker as we age. Essentially, the cells go to sleep, even when there are no medical problems. Older people, for example, experience double and triple skin damage compare to younger people when they are exposed to sun, make-up, irritants, or moisturizers. Concept of “Stabilization”– meaning that we want to increase skin strength with age to make it more tolerant. Pharmaceutical skincare products, such as Obagi and  ZO Skin Health contain a number of active ingredients, including high-strength of retinol and antioxidants – effective for stabilization, restoration and long-term maintenance of healthy skin. Wake your skin up! Restore functionality, reduce collagen degradation, restore skin elasticity and improve uneven pigmentation.