Medical Pedicure in Tunbridge Wells

Treat your feet to a deep exfoliating, pampering, and grooming session at rtwskin. Our skilled practitioner will gently buff away hard skin, trim nails, and leave your feet feeling beautifully soft and healthy.

Medical Pedicure in Tunbridge Wells

Did you know rtwskin is now offering a medical pedicure service? The perfect accompaniment to our highly effective laser treatments for warts, verrucae, or fungal nails, or as a stand-alone treatment for those wanting to achieve and maintain healthy feet, ensure they are in optimum condition, and help to minimise future discomfort. Our practitioner can successfully treat many conditions, including hard skin, thick or in-growing nails, calluses, and corns, with the highest standard of care together with the most advanced technology available. All disposables are single-use only, and the equipment is carefully cleaned and sterilised before and after each treatment, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. During your treatment, you will also receive professional advice on how to continue your foot care health at home.  Our practitioner can help you to spot signs of other foot conditions such as fungus or warts, and we can then get you booked in with our Level 4 Therapist or qualified nurse for appropriate advice and treatment if necessary. Medi Pedi will leave your feet feeling comfortable, smooth, refreshed, and pampered, as well as looking beautiful and healthy.


John says, “I had a Medi Pedi recently; I have diabetes which affects my feet. I also have thickened, hard toenails, which I find hard to trim myself. My feet are so much better after having the Medi Pedi treatment; they feel healthier and fresher, my toenails are much thinner and easier to manage at home, and my hard skin is massively reduced. I had previously only had pedicures at a beauty salon, but I have really noticed a difference in having them done at a proper medical clinic. I have already booked my next treatment.”

Angela Says, “When I came in for a fungal nail consultation at rtwskin, the therapist recommended that I have the Medi Pedi beforehand. I’m so glad I did; the nails are looking so much better already after the Medi Pedi and a course of laser treatment. My only regret is that I didn’t come sooner!”

How long does Medi Pedi take?

Our Medi Pedi Express treatment takes 30 minutes, or for our indulgent Deluxe treatment, allow 60 minutes.

How much does Medi Pedi cost?

Express £65

Deluxe £95

How often should I have Medi Pedi?

We recommend having a Medi Pedi every 6 to 12 weeks to keep feet feeling fresh, or more often as required. Our practitioner will guide you following treatment, as everyone is different.

How do I prepare for a Medi Pedi?

We ask that you remove any nail polish before treatment, including clear polish. There is no need for any other preparation, our therapist will do the rest for you so you can relax.

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