Strikecell and CelluErase

StrikeCell is a mesotherapy treatment designed to improve the appearance of cellulite on areas of the body

Strikecell and CelluErase treatments in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

What is Strikecell?

Strikecell is a mesotherapy treatment which works to improve the appearance of cellulite. Strikecell uses a potent cocktail of skin-boosting ingredients including horsetail, caffeine, artichoke and carnitine, which all work together to improve the texture of the skin, visibly firming and smoothing the surface of the bottom, thigh, and arm areas, as well as reducing fat.

What is CelluErase?

CelluErase, involves subcision which breaks and releases the bands of fibrous connective tissue, which cause the dimpling effect seen with cellulite. Once these strands are broken, the skin is released, and the area is instantly smoothed. Strikecell is extremely effective in it’s own right, but is even more powerful when delivered in conjunction with CelluErase. This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic which is delivered by injection.

Is Strikecell/CelluErase right for me?

If you’re looking for a smoother, firmer, and tighter appearance, Strikecell is the perfect treatment for you. Combining a powerful cocktail of ingredients, Strikecell helps to detoxify, reduce fatty deposits, promote circulation, and visibly improve the texture and tone of the skin. CelluErase works in conjunction with Strikecell to deliver optimum results.

Is Strikecell/CelluErase painful?

Your practitioner will ensure you are suitably numbed prior to treatment and will take care to minimise discomfort. As with any injectable treatment there is a risk of bruising, although we will take care to minimize this.

How many treatments will I need?

Results are immediate, and once a specific depression or dimple is treated it should not need further treatment. We can usually treat around 10 depressions in one session. We recommend that you have weekly Strikecell mesotherapy treatments for 5-6 weeks for optimal results, repeated every 6 months.

How much does Strikecell /CelluErase cost?

  • Strikecell (Mesotherapy) 1 area x 1 treatment £200
  • Strikecell Course of 5 treatments £900
  • CelluErase 1 treatment (up to 10 dimples) £500

(gentle subscion of the collagen fibres suitable for (Grade 3 cellulite)

  • Strikecell + CelluErase 1 treatment (up to 10 depressions) £600