Treatment for Scars, Wide Pores & Stretch Marks in Kent and Sussex

Dermaroller and Fractional RF Microneedling at rtwskin

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Microneedling ( dermaroller and fractional radiofrequency) is an affordable, safe and increasingly popular skin renewal technique that restores the healthy, youthful appearance of the skin with minimum recovery time.

Microneedling treatments available at rtwskin:

Dermaroller treatment (mechanical skin stimulation)
RF fractional microneedling (mechanical and radiofrequency skin stimulation)

RF Fractional Microneedling

Microneedle Fractional RF System is the latest technology that combines the advantages of both radiofrequency and microneedle therapy. Micro-Needle Fractional RF System delivers multi-polar RF energy on the dermis by injecting micro-needles causing selective heating in the deep dermis leaving columns of undamaged tissue in between.

The micro-needles are driven directly into the skin at a certain depth (0.2mm-3.0mm), and radiofrequency energy is then released inside the skin. The process of micro-needling resulted in microscopic breaks in the blood vessels. Platelets from these breaks release a series of growth factors that promotes the natural production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Minimally invasive RF thermal energy creates fractional electrocoagulation in the dermis which facilitates a natural Wound Healing Process (WHP). WHP promotes the remodelling of collagen and wound contraction, which enhances skin laxity. This not only stimulates dermal remodelling but also RF inhibits sebaceous gland activity to improve acne.


Wrinkle around lips, chin, eye area, décolletage and neck;
General skin rejuvenation: improves the texture and tone of the skin
Acne scar and scars caused by burns, surgery or laser treatment etc.
Skin tightening and lifting.
Stretch marks
Large pores


The needle tip contains 25 or 49 very small needles acting as internal conductors. When it is applied to the skin, under local or topical anaesthesia, sterile micro-needles are used to create many microscopic channels deep into the dermis of the skin which stimulates your own body to produce new collagen. These channels also improve the penetration of vitamins A and C creams. Vitamins A and C stimulate skin renewal, thereby making the skin appear fresher and younger.

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Generally, after 6 treatments the following can be achieved:

Skin is tightened, and original thickness and elasticity restored
Fine lines and wrinkles including eye area and upper lip wrinkles are smoothed.
Pore size and scarring is reduced
Reduction in dilated blood vessels

Other benefits:

Healing period is relatively fast (generally about 48-72 hours of mild swelling, 24 hours of redness)
There is very low risk of side effects and PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation)
Procedure is suited to all skin types. However, this treatment is not suitable for use on Active Acne, Eczema, Rosacea or Psoriasis.


Dermaroller is a medical device used to mechanically produce thousands of microscopic needle columns deep into the skin. These columns will close rapidly enabling the skin to recover quickly, often in the same day.


Prior to the procedure the face will be numbed with local anaesthetic.

As the Dermaroller is passed across the skin it causes small micro punctures in the surface of the skin that stimulate the skin at a dermal level to regenerate and repair itself naturally, creating healthier, smoother, brighter and younger-looking skin. Following the procedure you may experience slight redness and swelling but this usually subsides within a few hours and a complete recovery will be made within 48 hours.

Optimum results are achieved with a course of 3-6 treatments, 4 weeks apart. We will advise you to use a less invasive Dermaroller alongside a specially tailored topical product at home to accelerate the rejuvenation process.

Dermaroller significantly improves the appearance of:

Lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and décolletage
Sun damaged and ageing skin
Acne & post traumatic scars
Stretch marks

We will give the area a topical anaesthetic before the 20 to 30 minute procedure. Almost immediately after the session your skin will begin to regenerate and start to repair itself.  Rest assured that the needles used are very fine so post-procedure pain is very rarely reported.  You’ll be able to wear a light covering of makeup the day after treatment

At the time of having the needling done, you can expect to feel a warm sensation in the skin. This indicates to us the treatment is working effectively. It’s important to remember that Micro-Needle Fractional RF System does break the skin, so pin point bleeding is common. You will experience redness that may last between 24-72 hours post treatment. Very occasionally, a slight crusting may develop in some areas. If this does occur, please do not pick or rub the area as this may lead to a sub-optimal outcome. Immediately after treatment, your skin will be flushed and sensitive to extreme temperatures and UV. After treatment you can immediately resume normal activities.

This treatment may not be suitable if you are pregnant, use anticoagulant drugs, prone to develop keloid scars, skin infections, bleeding disorders, and pacemaker or skin malignancy

Treatments will be specific to you, normally a course of 3-6 Micro-Needle Fractional RF treatments is required. Your medical practitioner will advise you