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Thinking of a more youthful appearance? What about looking the best you can, feeling more confident, radiant and maybe even like your younger self?

‘Baby Botox’ is a term given to smaller doses of Botox® which causes muscles to relax. It refers to a particularly delicate approach in administering Botox® injections for a natural and subtle result. Many of our new patients have Baby Botox done instead of the more commonly known regular Botox®.

baby botox Tunbridge Wells Kent

The results are very similar to those when normal doses are given, but more movement is present and the effects do wear off more quickly – a gentle introduction to the procedure. The patient may have to return for the next Baby Botox treatment after 2 months. ‘Baby Botox’ gives our patients choice. If they would like standard Botox treatment, we will use our unique techniques to achieve very effective, long lasting natural results without the “frozen” look. Baby Botox however, can be used for those patients who would like to have small doses as a preventative measure with more minimal effect.

Baby Botox® can be used to diminish the signs and appearance of:

Horizontal creases across the forehead
Wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet)
Frown, worry, laughter and bunny lines
Brow asymmetry or brow lift
Drooping mouth corners
Lip wrinkles
Gummy smile


Botox Mesotherapy or MesoBotox is a new Botox injection technique to treat delicate areas of the face for more natural and refreshed looking results.  This technique is particularly effective for smoothing crow’s feet, reducing lower eyelid wrinkles and lines around the mouth area where the skin and muscles are thinner. With this technique we can achieve the “opening” effect of the eyes as well as an overall lifting effect. The effects after MesoBotox are a smoother and tighter skin smaller pore size and less sebum production.

Additional information:

Botox lasts between 3-4 months
Results start to be visible between 2- 10 days
Complimentary Botox review required 2 weeks following initial procedure
To maintain your results, we recommend that you repeat your Baby Botox® treatment every two to three months as the effects wear off.

We have found that the effects tend to last longer in patients who have had several injections.

Baby Botox® works exactly the same way as normal Botox® treatments. It blocks the impulses from the nerves to the facial muscles, and temporarily relaxes them so they do not contract involuntarily.

But there is nothing to worry about – with Baby Botox® your facial expressions are unaffected as the dose is just enough to cause a visible and natural result.

The muscles continue to react normally, allowing you to laugh, frown and show surprise – just without the wrinkles!

Recently, we are seeing patients in their 20’s who want take a proactive approach to preventing wrinkles. Early use of Botox in very small amounts (Baby Botox) combined with good regular skin care, mineral makeup, sunscreen and a healthy lifestyle can help prevent most wrinkles from getting worse and prevent new ones from forming. We promote “the whole face approach” and you should keep this firmly in mind when considering any facial treatment.

Prevention is better than cure; If you prevent the wrinkles from forming, there’s every reason to believe you’ll have smoother, younger looking skin as you grow older.

So, the answer to the question is: – The best time for you to begin Botox treatment is when you start to notice the faintest lines on your face. At this stage, start with small doses of Botox – BABY BOTOX. This procedure done by a very experienced clinician, will delay the onset of deep lines and wrinkles.

Botox- study identical twins
Botox Twin Study

The treatment only takes 5-10 minutes, and is painless. Numbing cream can be applied to your skin before treatment, but the needles are so tiny that there is normally no need. Many patients have even commented that the whole experience is actually quite relaxing!

The results of Baby Botox  become apparent any time between 2-7 days, and the effects should last about 2-4 months. If the patient returns for regular treatments, the muscles reduce in size gradually and, in time, the effects can last much longer. The latest research has shown that when patients have undergone Botox treatments for a few years, wrinkles are erased permanently.

Greatly diluted (sometimes up to 1:10) small doses of Botox are injected intra-dermally with a tiny needle using the mesotherapy technique for a smooth and subtle effect or injected intramuscularly for a greater muscle relaxing effect.

Crow’s feet and lower eyelids
Peri-oral (around the mouth)
Nose and forehead for pore size & sebum reduction
Cheeks to reduce red flushes

“First timers” – those who have never had Botox® before and are concerned not to overdo it
Younger patients – who only need a light dose as a preventative measure
Natural look – patients who want an exceptionally subtle look