Profhilo Body Treatment in Kent

Treatment of body skin laxity and particularly recommended for the brachial area, abdomen and areas most affected by this condition

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Profhilo Body

Profhilo Body is a new, injectable treatment specifically designed to treat the body, that combines injectable hyaluronic acid with cosmetic treatments to be applied afterwards in the clinic, and then again at home by clients to maintain the results. Profhilo Body is used to treat laxity in the skin, particularly on the arms, abdomen, knees and hands, helping to improve hydration, elasticity, texture, and tone, as well as brightening and firming the skin. Profhilo provides deep, long-lasting hydration as well as stimulating collagen and elastin production which helps to smooth and tighten the skin.

What can I expect from the treatment?

During your complimentary consultation, your practitioner will make recommendations based on your concerns, in terms of areas to be treated, and how many treatments are likely to be required. Profhilo Body is then injected, and then a body patch is applied to soothe and hydrate the skin. Your practitioner will then give you a body cream to take home and add into your skincare routine. This 3-step process allows for optimal, transformational results. Loose and crepey skin is tightened, hydrated, and rehydrated, with full results visible after 2-3 treatments.


How many treatments will I need?

Your practitioner will make a recommendation tailored to you, usually of 2-3 treatments for optimal results, with around  4 weeks between each appointment.


Is there any downtime following treatment?

As with all injectable treatments , some mild swelling, bruising or redness around the injection sites may be experienced, but overall there is minimal downtime with Profhilo. We allow around 30 minutes for treatment following your complimentary consultation.