Lumi Eyes

Lumi Eyes – an innovative new injectable that diminishes dark circles, smooths the under-eye area, and fights fine lines and wrinkles

Lumi Eyes by Dermaren is  a high quality PDRN treatment which offers deep hydration and rejuvenation to the eye area by effectively reducing signs of fatigue such as dark circles, restoring lost volume, and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. This tear-trough treatment works to repair and regenerate damaged tissue around the delicate eye area, as well as stimulating the skin’s own production of collagen and elastin. Following treatment, the eye area is firmer, sagging and wrinkles are improved, dark shadows are reduced, and the eye area is lightened, brightened, hydrated, fresh, and revitalised.

Is Lumi Eyes right for me?

If you are looking to address concerns of dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and lost volume to the eye area, then Lumi Eyes is the perfect treatment for you. Please call our reception team on 01892 222222 or email to book your complimentary consultation with one of our highly skilled practitioners.

How long does the treatment take?

We would recommend booking around 45 minutes from your schedule to allow enough time for the practitioner to fully consult with you, as well as numb the area in preparation for the treatment. You will be able to go back to your usual daily activities directly following treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Dermaren Lumi Eyes offers perfect results after just one session, however for optimum results, we recommend having a course of 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart. Following the initial course, we would recommend an additional session once a year to maintain results.

What are the aftercare guidelines?

Demaren Lumi Eyes boasts fast absorption speed, meaning you can go straight back to your normal activities following treatment, with minimal downtime. Following treatment, your practitioner will apply arnica gel to the eye area to help the healing process, and we advise that you keep the area clean and dry and avoid wearing make-up directly under the eyes for 24 hours. Following treatment, a full aftercare leaflet will be sent to you via email by our friendly Front of House reception team.

How much does Dermaren Lumi Eyes cost?

  • Single Treatment £190
  • Course of 3 Treatments £500