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Naturally restore what time has taken away…

Collagen is one of the most important support structures found naturally within our skin. It plays an important role in maintaining skin tightness, elasticity and suppleness. As we age, our skin gradually loses its natural collagen, which causes it to begin to sag, therefore leading to the inevitable formation of wrinkles, folds and a tired and aged look. Many try to fill these wrinkles to provide a temporary solution to visible skin laxity, but Ellansé works differently to the traditional dermal filler, which only address lines; wrinkles and folds on a superficial level.

Ellansé is the first of a new class of dermal fillers which works to naturally regenerate volume and restore the shape which time has taken away. Thanks to its unique properties, it works different and naturally, to not only correct wrinkles and folds but also to stimulate your own natural collagen production to really treat the underlying causes of facial ageing. The effects are gradual and longer-lasting giving you a natural youthful appearance.

This innovative approach to ageing makes Ellansé not only incredibly effective but also extremely long-lasting. By introducing Ellansé to your anti-ageing regime, patients can encourage their body to keep producing its own source of youth, the all-important collagen, and fend off the tell-tale signs of ageing indefinitely. In turn, you will be able to enjoy perfectly plump skin that just takes care of itself for years to come.

With Ellansé, only one session is required to obtain immediate results and long-lasting correction, making Ellansé a cost-effective treatment bringing you excellent value for money. You will see natural looking and immediate results which will last from 1 to 4 years* depending on which Ellansé option your physician recommends to you. The correction is maintained for the duration of the option chosen, enabling you to avoid multiple sessions.

Which areas can Ellansé treat?

Cheek Augmentation: contour and restore lost volume to the cheekbone area for a more youthful, lifted appearance. Ellansé may also be used to fill hollow and sunken cheeks.

Nasolabial folds: effectively smooth and fill the lines which run between the nose and outer corners of the mouth.

Jowls: effectively smooth and fill the groove which can accentuate the appearance of the jowl along the jawline.

Chin Augmentation: contour and strengthen the definition of the chin for a more structured jawline.

Marionette lines: fill and smooth the vertical lines which appear on the corners of the mouth leading to a constantly “sad expression”. Ellansé in this area will work to achieve a more pleasing expression of the face.

Peri-oral lines: Ellansé can be used to smooth and fill the lines and wrinkles which results from ageing loss of volume and definition around the mouth and lips.

Nose reshaping (non-surgical Rhinoplasty): smooth and correct imperfections of the nose giving an improved facial profile.

Temporal Volumisation: restore lost volume to the temporal hollows, which can appear sunken over time.

Hands: a specially formulated option to restore volume loss and improve the overall appearance of the hands as they age.

A treatment takes approximately 30-45 minutes and with no downtime required, you can go straight back to your normal daily life afterwards.

Your practitioner might decide to use Lidocaine Anaesthetic Injections in the cannula entry points to minimise discomfort during the treatment. Local anaesthetic injections are not always required, your practitioner will discuss all the process during your complimentary consultation prior to the treatment.

It is recommended to avoid hot bathing and vigorous exercise for 24 hours and over-exposure to the sun and UV light for 1 week following treatment.

As with any injection there may be side effects such as localised redness, swelling and bruising which will usually subside between 2-10 days following your treatment. For more information, please speak to your practitioner.

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