Aesthetically Speaking: Industry News June 2013

London: No.1 Destination for Arab Aesthetics
When Arab women consider cosmetic surgery, they look to London first. Leading cosmetic surgeon Professor Laurence Kirwan reveals that 90% of Arab woman who choose to travel abroad, visit Europe and over half of them choose London as the prime destination.

Professor Kirwan says,” London is famous for a lot of things and now you can count top-notch cosmetic surgery among those things. These women come from very wealthy backgrounds and they can afford to go anywhere in the world to have their cosmetic surgery done so naturally they choose the place with the best reputation.”

Like all women, Arab woman are heavily influenced by what they see in the media, and despite the fact that cosmetic surgery is outlawed in some Arab states and that many Arab women remain covered in public, still wish to look the best they can.

We asked more than 1800 holidaymakers and found that one in three men work on their tan before going away on holiday – ensuring they’re bronzed when they arrive!

Smooth as a Snake!
There have been many strange anti-ageing theories in the quest for beauty, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the latest technology just might be scarier than a practitioner’s needle! The newest product promising to smooth wrinkles for a younger, fresher face replicates actual snake venom.

Rodial has recently introduced Glamoxy Snake Serum, a product that promises to plump skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles with technology that mimics the poisonous venom of the deadly Temple Viper snake.

The makers claim that the benefits of this product is that it hinders the contraction of facial muscles and at the same time increases cell turn over and plumps the skin.  It can double as a skin primer, protect the skin from damage and also moisturise.  Although the product doesn’t actually contain poison, this is certainly one for the brave!

Man with a Tan: The Pressure to Glow!
Men are under increasing pressure to look great on a daily basis, however when it comes to holidays, most will not be seen dead without a tan already in place!

According to a new survey of over 1,800 holidaymakers revealed that 1 in 3 men like to greet their holiday with a pre-tan. One in 5 works on their tan for up to three months before leaving, with 1 in 10 getting their glow the week before.

The survey carried out by reveals that 40% of men who like to fake tan, continue to apply product whilst on holiday, with of 30% of women doing similar. Worryingly 1 in 7 men confessed to still using sunbeds, with more than half of them doing so up to 6 times before their holiday and more than 1 on 10 in ten admitting to use a sunbed on a regular basis, despite all the warning on skin cancer.

Alistair Daly from comments: “It has become increasingly common for guys to use beauty products. It appears that the days of men with beer guts and t-shirt tans are long gone, as pressure to look like perfected celebrities is now rife among men as well as women.”