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                 Liposuction used to be the only option for bulges that would not budge through diet and exercise. But now there is a range of new fat-busting treatments that help melt away unwanted cellulite, lumps and bumps without the discomfort and downtime associated with surgery. LESS TIME, LESS PAIN, LESS FAT! VelaShape III, Cold Body Sculpting and Aqualyx are all treatments focused on changing and improving your body shape in three key ways: fat reduction, cellulite reduction and skin tightening.

If you are looking for a non-invasive approach to reducing cellulite and defining the contours of your body, then VelaShape III may be the best option for you. It is the first FDA approved medical device for cellulite and for circumferential reduction.

Here at rtwskin we also recommend VelaShape III for every patient after liposuction to ensure a smooth finish to enhance the result.

Saddlebags, buttocks and thighs are difficult areas to reduce with just diet and exercise. VelaShape III combines four different technologies — infrared, bi-polar radio frequency, pulsed vacuum, and massage rollers — to improve skin texture, reduce cellulite and overall volume of the treated area. The combination of infrared and pulsed vacuum together with radio frequency technologies causes deep heating of the connective tissue, which in turn, tightens the skin. You have the option to have one longer treatment session or three shorter sessions.

Cold Body Sculpting (fat freezing) is an effective treatment to reduce fat but not to tighten loose skin. After a fat freezing procedure, it is advisable to wait a few days and have a skin tightening procedure with Velashape III. Aqualyx (Aqualysis™), the fat dissolving injection, resulting in a permanent and effective reduction of fat. The slimming effect takes place gradually. No hospital stay, no general anaesthetic, minimal discomfort and little or no bruising. Fat dissolving injections are beneficial for gradual fat reduction, but not effective for cellulite or tightening of the skin.


Here at rtwskin we combine VelaShape III and Cold Body Sculpting or Aqualyx to give you the best possible results. We do not recommend the treatments the same day, but they can be offered within several days of each other. By combining both procedures close together, within a few months you will see excellent long-lasting results. Due to the ongoing hormonal and biological body changes and to maintain the results, we always advise patients to have maintenance treatments a few times per year.

before after velashape

Liposuction is ideal for someone with a more significant amount of weight to lose, more beneficial for a larger reduction of fat, although it will not help with cellulite or loose skin. It is more invasive, costly and involves anaesthesia, discomfort and weeks of downtime. VelaShape III is often used post-liposuction to tighten the skin and decrease the cellulite that remains on the top level of the skin, as well as refining any irregularities in the skin caused by liposuction.




To find out how non-surgical treatments can help you achieve the shape you’ve dreamed of book your free consultation with us today. Treat yourself to a smoother, sexier figure!

– Dr Nina Sheffield, Clinical Director at rtwskin