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     I don‘t know about you, but even though my brain isn’t quite ready
for me to ditch the thermals, my body wants me to embrace the
spring trends and be beach ready, should we have a heatwave any time soon.


     The trouble is, sometimes diet and exercise alone don’t do the whole job.
I like to think I’m relatively healthy; I go to the gym, I eat well,
don’t smoke — and yet, there are still stubborn areas that wobble, no
matter how many spin classes I go to.
     Thankfully, help is on hand, as the rtwskin clinic in Tunbridge
Wells has a range of treatments to help target those difficult areas. From
cellulite to stretch marks, there’s a whole host of procedures available,
and most of them are so quick you could have them done in your lunch break. I‘m sold.




Poppy Velashape treatment Tunbridge Wells Kent



     My problem areas are my thighs, and my “muffin top’ around my
hips, so I head to the clinic for a consultation to discover which
treatments will best benefit me. Therapist Gemma tells me about the
procedures they offer, and advises me that my best options would be
the Cold Body Sculpting to target the fat around my hips, and the VelaOnce,
which works to banish cellulite and smooth the skin in just one session.




     The next day I’m back for my first treatment – the Cold Body Sculpting.
This procedure works by using a machine to cool the
targeted area down to minus l4. Over the following four to six months,
the body naturally flushes out the frozen fat cells, resulting in fat reduction.
     First. Gemma places a cooling cloth on my skin, then attaches the machine.
I lie on my side, and it begins to pull my skin inwards,
chilling the area as it works. At first it feels a little painful, but within a
few minutes, and despite the fact my fat cells are being frozen to
minus 14, I’m able to comfortably read a magazine while it works its magic.
An hour passes quickly, and the plate is detached and then
placed on my other side, where the process starts again. Before I know it,
I’m thawing out and getting ready to head back to work, with no downtime whatsoever.
     I bruise very easily and have been warned that due to the nature of the
procedure, I may experience some bruising. Immediately after my session,
I have some soreness, but this doesn’t last too long – within a few days any
tenderness and tell-tale signs of the treatment have faded. A week laterCBS Tunbridge Wells Kent
I’m back this time to experience the VelaOnce treatment which will target
the cellulite on my legs. Unlike the Cold Body Sculpting, this procedure
heats the fat cells by using a combination of infa-red, powerful bi-polar
radio frequency, mechanical massage and pulsed vacuum.
     The treatment has been described as feeling similar to a warm deep
tissue massage, and I can see why. As I lie on my front and my
therapist begins using the roller on the back of my thigh, the sensation
is warming and relaxing, and not uncomfortable at all.
     The clinic also offers Velashape III, which is the same procedure but
spaced out over three or four less intensive sessions. However,
VelaOnce is ideal for those who are time poor, as the treatment can be
performed in one session.
     Once my two hours are up, it’s time to check out the results, and
instantly I can see a difference – the backs of my legs feel smooth with
virtually no sign cellulite, and over the next Few days the appearance
and texture improves further. For best results, this treatment requires
top ups every few months, but so far I’m really impressed with the
outcome. . .bikini here I come!
      I‘m looking forward to seeing how my body changes over the next few months.
While I‘ve seen an immediate improvement from the
VelaOnce, I‘ll need to wait a little longer for the Cold Body Sculpting to work.
Apparently this is a procedure even bodybuilders use to
target stubborn areas though, so if it‘s good enough for their muffin
tops, then it’s certainly good enough for mine…

                                                                                                           Cold Body Sculpting starts from £450 and VelaOnce costs from £600


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